Mango is a female RainWing who had a very brief appearance in The Dark Secret. She was most likely made a soldier or guard when Glory became queen.


The Dark Secret Edit

When Starflight, Fatespeaker, and Flame came through the tunnel from the Night Kingdom to the Rainforest, she appeared in front of Starflight and commanded him to surrender and run for his life. Tsunami then scolded her, telling her she couldn't just yell things at random. She was most likely a soldier in training, but hadn't exactly figured what she was supposed to do yet.


  • A mango is a yellow-orange fruit that grows on mango trees.
  • A mango is also a kind of iridescent hummingbird native to the tropical parts of the Americas.
  • Mango appears to be a guard in training as she didn't know how to handle Starflight.
  • She also appears to have suspicious thoughts about NightWings after what Queen Glory told her tribe about her capture.


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