"We'd all be dead if weren't for you,"
—Marsh to Reed in The Dragonet Prophecy

Marsh is a male MudWing dragonet. He is one of Clay's six siblings, one of the seven known dragonets of Cattail, and a nephew of Asha. He never seemed to have recovered from the death of his sister, Crane, who was killed in the battle between Blaze's and Burn's armies just two days before Clay arrived, which had also been his troop's very first battle. Marsh appears nervous and anxious most of the time. He is currently a student at the Jade Mountain Academy, where he is in the Copper Winglet with his clawmate, Coconut. Qibli noted that the arrangement was probably made so that Marsh wasn't as nervous.


Marsh has very dark, mud-brown eyes[1] and was said to look like his sister Sora, but more fidgety and nervous.


The Dragonet ProphecyEdit

Marsh hatched along with Reed, Sora, Pheasant, Crane, and Umber in the Mud Kingdom. Because Clay was sold to the Talons of Peace by their mother, they were raised with Reed as their bigwings.

After escaping from the Sky Kingdom, Clay and the other dragonets of destiny made their way to the Mud Kingdom while being pursued by Burn and her soldiers. The group encountered him and were overjoyed to see him for the first time. They helped him make peace with himself, and, despite protests, let Clay depart.

The Dark Secret Edit

Marsh is mentioned in the prologue of the fourth book with his siblings when IceWings attacked the SandWings nearby. He is terrified and nearly takes Reed down with him. 

Marsh appears in Clay's dream with his other siblings when Starflight dreamvisits Clay. 

The Brightest Night Edit

He and his sibs are seen when Sunny and Clay go to the MudWings to send a message to Burn. He admits to feeling wary on the outcome of the MudWings' planned attack on the IceWings.

Moon RisingEdit

Marsh was a minor character, accompanying Clay and his siblings throughout the book, and attending the Copper Winglet. Near the end of the book, when Sora is asked why she tried to kill Icicle, Marsh is shown in a flashback. Sora and Marsh are about to be killed by an IceWing and Crane pushes them out of the way.

When Umber abruptly left with Sora, they didn't have time to tell Marsh that they were leaving, so they left Clay that responsibility. It is unknown whether he's still at the Academy or not, though it is likely he stayed for Clay.

Family Tree Edit

Unnamed Siblings
Asha (Deceased)
Clay (BigWings)
Crane (Deceased)

Trivia Edit

  • A marsh is a land form in which grass grows on soil that is usually very muddy, watery, and wet.
  • In Moon Rising, he is clawmates with Coconut. Qibli found it fitting that the most nervous of dragons was paired with the slowest.
  • He is shown to have anxiety and possibly PTSD from watching his sister, Crane, die in front of him.



  1. The Brightest Night, page 240

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