"There's no shame in admitting it. Hippos can happen to anyone."
—Mayfly questioning Kinkajou's injuries in Winter Turning.

Mayfly is a female MudWing doctor described to have mud-brown scales and a wide, flat head [1]. Her back leg and the back half of her tail are covered with, as described by Winter, "unmistakable" frostbreath scars. Her back leg also has two missing claws[2]. She appears to be kind, except towards IceWings, whom she seems to have a slight grudge against, most likely due to her frostbreath injuries she accumulated during the War of The SandWing Succession. She is in Possibility where HailstormWinter, Qibli, and Moon went in search of help for Kinkajou after being injured by Chameleon in his NightWing form, Shapeshifter. She was said by a SandWing named Meerkat to be the best doctor in all of Possibility, but it is unknown how many others there are, or if there are any other doctors at all.

Biography Edit

Winter TurningEdit

She was seen diagnosing Kinkajou's injury in Possibility. Mayfly was supposedly "the best doctor in Possibility", to Winter's surprise, due to the fact that she is a MudWing. She was also very skeptical on the true reason Kinkajou was there, and was fairly certain that the cause of her injuries was something more realistic and not the result of being attacked by a dragon with super-strength.

She observed that Kinkajou, with white scales, looked like an IceWing, offending Hailstorm. Mayfly harshly told Winter and Hailstorm to stop blocking the light, shoving a foul-smelling jar in their faces for emphasis. Her hostility towards the IceWing brothers was most likely because of her dislike for IceWings in general (since she had fought and been injured by them before). She has also been shown to have something to do with mysterious 'Enclave'.

Quotes Edit

"There's no shame in admitting it. Hippos can happen to anyone." - About Kinkajou's injuries.

"Stop blocking the light. Shoo!" - To Hailstorm and Winter.

"Go sit in the garden!" - To Hailstorm and Winter

Trivia Edit

  • Mayfly is the fourth known dragon in the series to survive frostbreath from an IceWing, along with Queen Battlewinner, Qibli, and Dune.
  • Because of her frostbreath injuries, she thinks poorly to the IceWings in general.
  • A mayfly is a short-lived, slender insect with delicate, transparent wings and two or three long filaments on the tail. It lives close to water, where the chiefly herbivorous aquatic larvae develop.



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