Meerkat is a male SandWing who makes an appearance in Winter Turning. He was returning a favor to Qibli by leading him, Moonwatcher, Winter, Hailstorm, and an injured, unconscious Kinkajou to Mayfly, a MudWing who he proclaimed to be the best doctor in the entire town of Possibility. Meerkat is also a member of the Enclave. It is unknown whether or not he will reappear in the series later. He later breaks a fight between Eagle and Hailstorm, and he remains friendly and peaceful during his appearance in Winter Turning.

Appearance Edit

Winter described Meerkat to be a "handsome, young SandWing", looking strong.

Biography Edit

Winter Turning Edit

Meerkat is an acquaintance of Qibli's who appeared briefly, escorting Kinkajou and the others to Mayfly's office. They are said to have met when Meerkat was paying tribute to the Queen. Eagle is shown to respect him when he breaks up the conflict between Eagle and a confused Hailstorm by providing Hailstorm with a cover story about supposedly having a head injury. He seems to have the authority of some force called the Enclave, which he refers to when talking to Eagle.

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  • A meerkat is a small southern African mongoose.

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