LGBT Supporter Being Lesbian, Gay, Trans, Bi, Pan, and plus is fine! There's no shame in it! If this is on your page, you are proud to be one of these or you simply support LGBT! To add this to your page put {{LGBT+ Supporter}} to show you should not flee if someone is LGBT!

hi i'm char and welcome to my message wall

sorry in advance @ mods


don't post ads on my wall unless it's a new lpw

lgbtqa+phobes and your friends who defend you could you please leave

same goes for hammerhead and stargazer supporters

yea ik hammer's trying to get better im just not comfy with yall around me k thnx

alright maybe im a bit aggressive but like blease

any users who fit under the categories of the huge text don't ask for art you're not getting any lol


suttet ur allowed back on my wall idc anymore lol

u can tag me with stuff but i probably won't pass it on

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