Nightscale Xavier Dunick

  • I live in The Dimensional Universe, otherwise known as the Demiverse. Specific enough, right?
  • My occupation is The Leader Of a team of heroes, The Triple X.
  • I am Some male NightWing/SandWing you may know.


Welcome to my wall! Feel free to leave me messages.

Announcement BoardEdit

Looking ForEdit

I am always looking for art for any and all of my OC's but here are the things I need art from right now:

A Pic of Ivy ( with her guitar. So if you're good at drawing RainWings and guitars leave a message on my wall XD

A pic of Sitara Doesn't matter what pose she's in, whatever you find easiest.

im looking for pics of Snowleaf

in either this position

or this position (The title is a pun 'cause she's firescales :p)

A head shot of Nightscale (no armour) crying.

Nightscale (No armour) hugging a Xenomorph.

Nightscale (No armour) Sitting on a companion cube from portal.


So... For Rules! Spamming is okay here! (Unless someone asks you to stop.) Please no insulting unless we're taking shots at each other for fun. In terms of swearing... I allow the word Crap but that's about it. This is a tulpa-friendly zone. If you bash/insult/whatever a tulpa I will delete your reply. 

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