aka Stormlord or Storylord

  • I live in Avenger Mansion. My summer home is Mordor. (Oh you mean in Pyrrhia?......I live in the Sky Kingdom. yay?
  • My occupation is General for Queen Ruby/Queen Tourmaline's prize army.
  • I am "devoted" to Queen Ruby/Queen Tourmaline. "Long live" the queen!

Hey! If you're on here, you probably have something to say, so go ahead and say it. I'll probably respond within two days. Anyways, I'm on here and the fanon wiki. I love Warriors, Land of Stories, WOF, and sooo many other books. I love books! Well, if you want to talk about a series, I'd love to talk you to death with facts! Stormlord (talk) 00:55, February 22, 2017 (UTC)

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