The Moon Globe Tree, or Tree of Light, is an animus-touched tree carved from ice that "blooms" moon globes, which are globes of light that can be turned to adjust how bright they glow. The tree was sculpted by the IceWing animus Frostbite as her animus gift to the tribe (the gift of light). It's situated near the Ranking Circles, and dragons who have just arrived at the palace usually pick one, according to Winter. The globes are used as lanterns to light an IceWings' way through the Ice Kingdom since IceWing cannot breathe fire and thus have no natural source of light. Because of this, IceWings are no longer limited to working during daylight hours. Hailstorm and Winter each plucked one off its branches as they passed it in Winter Turning, and it floats over their shoulders. Glory also agreed to hand over Icicle, who was a RainWing prisoner at the time, in exchange for a small cutting of the tree, possibly to grow another one in the rainforest for her own tribe. The tree is frosty white with silver spheres (globes). The tree was carved by claw, meaning that Frostbite would've had to study real trees for a long time in order to know how to precisely carve each branch. In Winter Turning, it was mentioned that as a young dragonet, Winter loved to climb it and would curl up on one of the branches and pretend he was on one of the moons. In the prologue of Darkstalker, the Moon Globe Tree is around in Arctic's time, and he said he wanted to create an animus gift as memorable as it is.

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