"I mean, no one is completely evil... Dragons are complicated. Some are kinder than others, or braver than others, and some of them do really cruel things. But everyone has both good thoughts and bad thoughts and reasons for what they do, reasons that they believe are important."

Moonwatcher (preferring the nickname "Moon"), is a female NightWing dragonet, and the main protagonist of the sixth book in the Wings of Fire series, Moon Rising. She is the first known NightWing to have mind-reading and prophetic powers ever since Darkstalker was trapped. She also delivered what seems to be the first true prophecy in over a century, known as the Jade Mountain Prophecy. Since there were no other living NightWings besides Darkstalker and Foeslayer that had the information on Moon's powers, Darkstalker taught her the tricks to control her powers using telepathy until she left his range of communication. She is currently in a relationship with Qibli as of Darkness of Dragons.

Appearance Edit

Moon is a small, healthy NightWing with shiny [1] purplish-black [2] scales with shades of dark blue and green mixed in.[3] Her horns are straight and dark grey, and she has glittering silver scales under her wings like stars. She has a glittering silver scale at the outside corners of each eye, like teardrops about to fall, which Ostrich described as having her own treasure on her scales. These scales indicate that she can read minds. She has emerald green eyes with a few hints of silver. She has a pouch like Turtle, Kinkajou, Winter, and Qibli.


Pre-Series Edit

Secretkeeper and Morrowseer, Moon's parents, met and somehow (with Morrowseer traveling all about to deal with the Dragonets of Destiny) fell in love. They are reported and confirmed to only have Moon.

Later, Secretkeeper, dreading the life Moon would have on the NightWing island, fled to the rainforest, where she hid her egg. She pretended that she'd lost the egg because she didn't want Morrowseer--or anyone--coming after the egg and bringing it to the NightWing island.

The Brightest NightEdit

When the Dragonets of Destiny discussed potential students for their inter-tribal school on Jade Mountain, Deathbringer had mentioned Moonwatcher, saying that her mother had left her egg alone in the Rainforest Kingdom. He also mentioned that she was "a nervous little dragonet."

Moon Rising Edit

Moonwatcher is the main protagonist in this book.

Moonwatcher first appears in the prologue, a few years before the Night Wing Island's volcano blew up. Her egg had somehow rolled its way out into the moonlight and had turned silver under the two full moons. Moon hatches shortly after her mother, Secretkeeper, arrives. Her mother notices that her eyes reflects the moonlight as she stared at the moons, hence the name "Moonwatcher." Soon after, Secretkeeper left, and Moon was alone in the rainforest. It is clear she was scared to be alone because of the terrifying thoughts her mother has planted in her mind as an attempt to keep her safe. This action was instinctive, and Secretkeeper did not know what she was doing. But, Secretkeeper doesn't think Moon's powers are a gift, she thinks of them as a curse.

She is later shown with her mother observing the school. Moon doesn't want to go in, but eventually she goes inside, remembering how her mother warns her to hide her powers. Before she went inside, she saw the SeaWing royal family and receives a vision of Prince Turtle and his sister, Princess Anemone, in which he is pinning her down. Moonwatcher also noticed that she cannot read Turtle's mind and Secretkeeper left soon afterwards.

She soon goes inside and is welcomed by Fatespeaker, who tells her where to find her sleeping cave. She is assigned into the Jade Winglet, and therefore becomes clawmates with Carnelian and Kinkajou. In the prey center, she encounters Winter, a male IceWing with a sister named Icicle, and Qibli, a male SandWing with brown freckles on his snout.

Winter seems to dislike her at first sight, and he also seems to think that Moon may have powers. Later in the story he starts have feelings for her, though he tends not to show it, sometimes being mean to Moon to cover up his thoughts, not aware that Moon could read his mind.

She then meets the rest of her winglet in a class taught by Tsunami. Her winglet included Winter, Qibli, and Princess Tsunami's brother Turtle, Clay's little brother, Umber, Kinkajou, and Carnelian.

Later, on the way to history, she has a vision of the cave erupting in flames, killing her and her friends. Fighting through fierce migraines with the help of Darkstalker, she tries to warn her friends not to go into the cave, but Carnelian ignores her and goes inside anyway, just as it exploded.

Moon told Turtle, Kinkajou, and Qibli about her powers after a dragonflame cactus bomb blew up in the history cave, killing Carnelian and Bigtail. Turtle didn't appear to be mad and almost seemed impressed, Kinkajou was upset that Moon didn't tell her about it, and Qibli seemed scared that Moon had seen all his thoughts, flying away from her soon after. Winter did not know about her power at the time, since he left after he threatened to tell everyone that she knew about the explosion if she didn't find out who did it by midnight the next day.

Before Moon figured out that Sora had set the explosion, a stalactite falls and nearly impales Icicle, Winter's sister, and Moonwatcher rushed to get to Sora because Icicle knows that Sora was the dragon who attempted to kill her, and isn't pleased about that fact. Eventually, Moon Umber, and Qibli reach Sora and tell her what's going to happen, and Sora says that Icicle was the one who killed her sister, Crane, during a battle in the War of SandWing Succession. The MudWing continued to explain how Icicle was a cold-blooded killer. After that, Sora and her brother, Umber, fled from Jade Mountain.

A little later, she also discovers that Ex-Queen Scarlet told Icicle to get rid of the (no longer) Dragonets of Destiny, and she targeted Starflight, whom she believed would be the easiest to kill since he was blind. Qibli and Moon go to the library to save Starflight from being killed by Icicle. They get there in time to see Icicle sneaking up on Starflight, and were able to stop her, with a lot of help from Winter.

When Icicle fails to get Winter on her side, she escapes from Jade Mountain Academy and went to seek out and kill Queen Glory, because Scarlet's face was scarred by her venom when she and the other Dragonets of Destiny were trapped in the bloodthirsty SkyWing Arena. The Jade Winglet, except Turtle, however, went out to stop Icicle before she could find and kill the RainWing Queen.

They plan to find Icicle and go after her, but they discover Winter has already left Jade Mountain. The remaining dragons of the Jade Winglet find Winter before he can leave. After they find Winter, the group decides to go to the rainforest together (except for Turtle), but the IceWing still hates the plan.

When Moon confesses her powers to Winter, she delivered the prophecy and Darkstalker shows her his vision of a brighter, safer future of Jade Mountain.

Winter TurningEdit

After Moon tells Winter about her powers a decision that resulted in him being afraid of her. After hearing about this he roars at them to go away. He then yells at his scavenger, Bandit, scaring him and making him run out of the cage. Later, Winter gets rid of Turtle, telling him that he would be in extreme danger if he follows. However the rest of the group refuses to leave, and together, the four dragonets fly off to the Rainforest to catch Icicle and stop her from killing Glory, among other things.

In the rainforest, Moon offered Winter some fruit, but he refused, saying that fruit is nasty. Winter claims that Darkstalker took away the IceWing Animus heritage, Prince Arctic, which is why NightWings and IceWings absolutely hated each other in the past, and the present. When Winter mentions Darkstalker, Moon fell off of her branch from surprise. Though Winter doesn't know why, the truth was because she had communicated with him many times.

Moon says she hears somebody with "dark" thoughts, who turns out to be Obsidian, a NightWing who is a very proud and hostile dragon who hates the RainWings, especially Queen Glory. They hide until Obsidian and Bromeliad, the RainWing he is patrolling with have passed. Winter and Moon exchange what they know of Darkstalker. We can assume Moon is trying to find out all she can about her teacher.

Then, Moon suddenly says that Obsidian and Bromeliad are coming back but before they could hide, Kinkajou called out to the other two dragons, assuming Bromeliad was another RainWing named Orchid. They were caught and taken to Queen Glory. She asked why Moon and Kinkajou came back so early. They explained most of everything to the RainWing Queen, and went out to find Icicle.

Glory sends them to be with the dragonets hatchery of the tribe so the guards could watch them, but they end up escaping regardless.They do this by having Kinkajou tell the dragonets in the wingery to count to 1000, but then remembers they can't count, which gives them a narrower window of time. Winter uses his frost breath to make a hole, in which they all fly out of. They then find their way to the portal to the Night Kingdom. When they get there, Moon doesn't think this is where the prophecy mentions as the 'Lost City of Night'. They find Icicle who has been awake for days to keep Scarlet from visiting her in her dreams. Kinkajou has left a trail for Queen Glory who finds them, tranquilizes Icicle, and orders them back to the kingdom.

But Moon and the others aren't about to give up that easily. They find themselves soon traveling across the mountains to the Sky Kingdom, searching for a mountain where they believe Ex-queen Scarlet to be hiding, where they hope to find Hailstorm, Winter's older brother.

They go to the Talons of Peace, trying to find a SkyWing who can help them. Then comes Pyrite. Pyrite is a nervous, simple-minded, and unusually odd SkyWing, who is loyal to Scarlet. She is described to have bright orange scales and amber eyes, with a pouch that carries a spell that makes her Pyrite and not Hailstorm. No one in the group thinks it's a good idea to bring her, but are left with no other options. Pyrite becomes their guide. But this anxious little SkyWing is to be suspected on.

Eventually, the Jade Winglet finds Winter's brother, who is actually Pyrite, but was transformed by Chameleon. But, there was an unexpected encounter, in which Kinkajou is horribly injured by a mysterious NightWing (who was actually Chameleon) by being thrown against a tree. Then the group flies toward a unique little city, and they go to a doctor in the town of Possibility. They do find a doctor, a MudWing named Mayfly, and she tells the Jade Winglet that Kinkajou's wounds are near fatal. Winter decides to take his brother back to the Ice Kingdom. He claims that he won't come back. Qibli and Moon say they will wait at Possibility for four days in case he changes his mind. Throughout his entire time in the Ice Kingdom, Winter thinks of Moon, and near the end, because he lost the Diamond Trials and Hailstorm didn't want to kill Winter, he plans on returning, help to stop the prophecy, and tell Moon exactly how he feels for her.

Escaping Peril Edit

In Escaping Peril, Moon tells Peril that Qibli probably has thought of five ways to defeat Peril, although he only thought of three. Then, she tells Peril that she is a mind reader. Moon and Qibli await Winter, though they have doubts that he will show up. Once Moon finds Winter, he is severely burned because of an accident with Peril, and tells him not to die. Turtle reveals his animus magic by healing Winter with his river rock he enchanted to heal surface wounds. Moon is shocked to hear this. After Peril comes back from the Sky Palace, Turtle tells Moon about the scroll. The morning after that, she leaves without the others. She is carrying the scroll to release Darkstalker. When Peril finds her, she is crying because of what he did to Prince Arctic. He enchanted him to do whatever he says, apparently he told him to disembowel himself.

Talons of PowerEdit

Moon is first seen talking with Darkstalker when he first came out of the ground. When she notices that Winter, first arguing with Darkstalker, is now acting friendly and more open, she tells him to not enchant her friends. He denies that he did anything to Winter. When they tell him they all should go hunting, she tells Turtle to go warn the school. Turtle does so, only to intrigue Anemone to meet Darkstalker. When they arrive after hunting, Darkstalker mentions seeing timelines with both of them, most likely referring to Winter and Qibli, where she responds by covering her ears and denying everything. Anemone sets off a lightning storm with a copper bracelet she enchanted to do so. Darkstalker asks if there are any scrolls about Fathom and Clearsight.

Flame comes to them, only to have the horrid scar on his face healed. Darkstalker also enchants a bracelet on Mindreader to give her mind reading abilities, Mightyclaws' earring to give him the power to have anything he draws to come to life, and a makeshift bracelet for Fearless to give her super strength. Moon seems worried about him giving out these free powers. Then, Moonwatcher has a vision of someone being attacked and brings Sunny and the others to Stonemover, who is very close to dying.

Darkstalker enchanted a stalactite to heal Stonemover, but then removes his curse which causes him to yell "My claws! They're not mine!" After which Darkstalker enchants it to turn him back to stone. Anemone enchants a piece of bone to find the culprit, who is Flame. He states that he asked Stonemover to enchant his scar to heal, but he refused, so as to conserve his soul. In reaction to this, Flame almost killed Stonemover. After this dilemma, Darkstalker says he wants to lead the NightWing tribe to The Lost City of Night.

When he gets to the rainforest, he asks Glory if he can bring her subjects back. To promote his idea, he starts handing out superpowers to the NightWings, though not making any of them permanent. Moon, Kinkajou, and Turtle then go to a cave close to where the NightWings are sleeping. When Turtle returns from following Darkstalker, Moon is awake. She says she had the nightmare and that her sleep schedule is different. Moon tells Turtle he is a good brother and then they have a conversation about it before going to sleep.The next day, Moon says she is going to go with him, only to visit. They do so, and Moon follows Anemone to the room where Fathom stayed, but she said it was too dusty and dirty. She starts to beat Moon with a broom, enchanted to continue hitting her until she began cleaning.

Darkstalker then does something to Moon and Kinkajou so they don't hear him tell Anemone to leave. After Anemone leaves, Darkstalker gets them back to normal. She then says she senses danger in the Kingdom of the Sea. Moon stays, and most likely is forced to stay at the city by Darkstalker afterwards.

Darkness of DragonsEdit

In the very beginning, Qibli is watching Moon leave to the rainforest with Darkstalker. Later in the book, she is shown through the Obsidian Mirror talking to Kinkajou. In Part Two, she appears when Qibli finds her in the NightWing library. She and Qibli reunite and she seems happy to see him. Moon then begins talking about how amazing the NightWing library was, and that she would stay forever because of this. Qibli silently disagrees and thought he only would if she asked him too.

Qibli then offers her one of the earrings and explains that they will protect her from Darkstalker's spells. She looks sad, but puts one on anyway. The earring didn't change her opinion of him, confirming that her trust for Darkstalker was her own.

Moon is present for much of the second and third parts of the book, and later she is shown foreseeing Darkstalker as Peacemaker. In the epilogue, she and Qibli start an official relationship. Moon and Qibli then travel to Jerboa II, where they meet the first dragon from the Lost Continent of Pantala.

Personality Edit

Moon is a very quiet, private dragon. Due to being by herself for most of her life, she has trouble interacting with others, sometimes stammering when trying to talk. And it doesn't help that she can read minds. She gets easily scared by loud and hectic situations, as shown by her anxiety about the prey center. She often tries to avoid being around others by going off and reading scrolls. Moon is very anxious about what others will think of her, and doesn't open up easily to her peers. She's admitted to herself at one point that she doesn't want anyone to be able to see her subconscious, because then they would never like her. She is shyer when she can hear someone's thoughts, though her mind-reading and precognition has helped her several times. From listening to Scarlet dream visiting Icicle, to knowing that and when the history cave would explode. In Winter Turning, she seemed to become more bold and less scared. This is most likely because of not hearing everyone's thoughts. As the second arc progresses, Moon has less trouble with stuttering. She also has multiple conversations with others, particularly Winter, where she doesn't seem to be as scared as she was in Moon Rising. Moon has also been shown to be stubborn, especially regarding her belief that all dragons have some good inside. Also as the second series goes on, Moon doesn't let herself get pushed around as much, standing up to Winter when he's yelling at her in multiple books and confronting Darkstalker her new knowledge of his wrongs in Darkness of Dragons. It seems that Moon becomes better at expressing her feelings, controlling her fear, and letting go of her worries as the series progresses. She also handles her visions better, able to control the pain and keep flying in Darkness of Dragons instead of panicking like she did in Moon Rising. Moon also shows her determined side on many occasions, such as when she convinces Winter of his good qualities, advocates for her belief that all dragons have some good in them, or seeks out Qibli at the end of Darkness of Dragons to ask if they can be together. 

Relationships Edit

Qibli Edit

Qibli is a friend of Moon and a confirmed love interest. Moonwatcher uses his insight in situations, such as when the Jade Winglet was gathered by Tsunami. While everyone was saying their names and saying things about themselves, Qibli noticed things about them that even Moon hadn't noticed before. Qibli has strong feelings for her, and was heard by Moon to be thinking many times about how he could get her to like him better. In Talons of Power, when Peril is being bouncy and dramatic about going and talking to Clay, Qibli asks, "Is that how I act around Moon?" Since Peril is in love with Clay, Qibli is stating through his question that he loves Moon. In the epilogue of Darkness of Dragons, Moon reveals her love for him and they end up together.

Winter Edit

Moon has shown to, despite his icy exterior, see him as a friend and is hurt when he yells at her or calls her names. Winter admits many times he's in love with her. She is very confused about his thoughts and doesn't quite understand what they mean, describing them as mirrors, reflecting self-hate and guilt. In Winter Turning, Moon was distraught when Winter made the decision to leave. However, Moon chose Qibli over Winter to be her partner. Winter was heartbroken upon losing Moonwatcher since he loved her as well, but was fine with the fact that she ended up with Qibli.

Secretkeeper Edit

Secretkeeper is Moonwatcher's mother. She hid her egg in the forest four years ago to save her from the hardship and hostility of the other NightWings and their home in the smoking, lava-filled volcano. She has been hidden in the forest until about five months ago. Secretkeeper often calls her daughter a 'weird little diamond' and 'Moonbud'. Secretkeeper does not know of Moon's precognition as Moon thought that one curse, her mind-reading ability, was bad enough. In the epilogue of DoD, it is shown that Moon visits her in the rainforest often.

Darkstalker Edit

He was the first to know the truth about Moonwatcher. She often asked him for help in answering questions and getting help with her powers. Darkstalker was very upset that Moonwatcher was inexperienced with her powers. He asked her numerous times if she could retrieve his talisman so he can be free, and she tries while she's away from Darkstalker's range. After Peril accidentally frees him, Moon accuses Darkstalker of lying to her. He defends himself saying that he was desperate to get out which may have been true. However, Moonwatcher doesn't seem to fully trust him. Darkstalker also seems to show some feelings for Moon since she reminds him so much of his previous love, Clearsight.

Kinkajou Edit

She is Moon's best friend and has been shown to care much about her. Moonwatcher and her were clawmates in the Jade Winglet. And Moon was distraught when Kinkajou was injured severely by a mysterious companion of Scarlet's (Chameleon, in his Shapeshifter form), showing the strong bond between them. At first, Moon was put off by Kinkajou's energetic thoughts and actions, but realized that Kinkajou really did care about her.


He was Moon's father, but she barely ever knew him. She only learned his name from reading her mother's mind after she refused to tell Moon. He was killed in the Night Kingdom by the volcanic explosion before she met him. He most likely died without knowing he had a daughter.


Anemone is jealous of Moon throughout Talons of Power because of Moon's closeness with Darkstalker and Moon didn't realize until Anemone used her power to hurt her (she enchanted a broom to hit and attack Moon). Moonwatcher seems to forgive the princess though, as she defends her when Darkstalker is furious with Anemone's actions.

Family TreeEdit



"I won't BE fragile. I refuse." - In her thoughts to Darkstalker

"I'm super-funny? In what universe?" - To Kinkajou in Moon Rising

"All right. But please stop trying to scare me. You are not as terrifying as you think you are." - To Winter

"I just saw it. It was right before class-sometimes the visions come months before it happens, sometimes only a few minutes. I never know.... It's not like it's a helpful power."

"I mean, no one is completely evil... Dragons are complicated. Some are kinder than others, or braver than others, and some of them do really cruel things. But everyone has both good thoughts and bad thoughts and reasons for what they do, reasons that they believe are important."

"You have to take that gift and do something with it, not run away from it."

"If I couldn't read minds, everyone I met would be like Turtle-completely unreadable. I'd have no way to know if they were kind or cruel. I'd never understand why they act the way they do. Everyone would be all surface." - In her thoughts to herself

"Why would you be a librarian if you don't get excited about scrolls? ... I will never understand some dragons." - Moon to Qibli about a strict Skywing librarian from Possibility.

"You told her, though." - Moon to Kinkajou about Foeslayer               

"Why didn't he see it in your mind?" - To Foeslayer about Darkstalker               

"I'm not a weird little diamond!" - To her mother, Secretkeeper               

"Disembowel? Did you seriously just say disembowelled?" -To Darkstalker, though out loud in Escaping Peril


  • She is one of four characters in the series to go by a nickname, the other three being Magnificent (whose nickname is Maggie), Princess Snowfox (whose nickname is Fox), and Princess Sunny, whom Thorn called Beetle when she was still in the egg.
  • Her egg was hatched under two full moons and gave her two powers: mind reading and prophecy.
  • She is one of the two dragons in the series to have a parent give her a mantra, which is "Stay secret, stay hidden, stay safe." The other dragon is Winter.
  • In Moon Rising, when Winter is yelling at Moon in the prey center, demanding her name, one of the names he guesses is Mooncrusher. Mooncrusher, ironically, is the name of a yeti in another series Tui T. Sutherland wrote, The Menagerie.
  • Her visions once saved her from a falling tree.
  • She is the first mind reading prophetic NightWing in almost 2,000 years, since they mentioned they hid away their powers most likely due to Darkstalker. Darkstalker said Fatespeaker may have a very weak power.
  • Moonwatcher has had a few visions including:
    • Prince Turtle fighting Princess Anemone.
    • Qibli yelling at two SandWings saying, "Where is she?"
    • Jade Mountain burning during an earthquake, then collapsing, sending falling rocks everywhere and crushing dragonets
    • The history cave exploding with her winglet, among other students, dying
    • A tree falling, most likely somewhere near her
  • The cover of the book Moon Rising could be part of the scene when Moon is flying and Turtle is watching to see if she can (fly) after the explosion.
  • Moonwatcher is one of the three dragonets shown hatching inside the series, the others being Darkstalker and Auklet
  • Moonwatcher is named that because when she hatched, Secretkeeper said she looked like Moonwatcher was going to grab the moons and roll them around.
  • Her father is confirmed to be Morrowseer as shown in Moon Rising by Secretkeeper.



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