The NightWing Tunnels, also referred to as portals in the series, were created by the NightWing animus Stonemover, and were used by the NightWings to make traveling to and from their island and to other locations easier. There are currently two known portals, both with one side in the Rainforest Kingdom. One leads to the NightWings' destroyed island, and the other leads to the Kingdom of Sand. There may be more, but they have not been specified.

The portals seem to give dragons a tingling feeling in their scales when they are near, described as an "awkward wrongness" and that the portals gave off the "I should not be here" feeling, possibly a result of animus magic (they are also strangely pitch black inside).


The tunnels were created approximately two years before the dragonets of destiny (Clay, Tsunami, Glory, Starflight, and Sunny) hatched. Stonemover is revealed to be their creator. Shortly after the Dragonets of Destiny found the RainWing village, they discovered a strange tunnel curtained with moss, inside a rock that led to a location just miles away from Burn's stronghold.

When the NightWings captured Glory and fourteen other RainWings, they were taken through another portal in a tree that leads to the Night Kingdom. She eventually escaped the NightWings via Clay, Deathbringer and the Rain Forest- Night Kingdom tunnel. Later, she led her army through this portal to the Night Kingdom. Both portals are presently still intact.

After Stonemover made them, however, he flew away to Jade Mountain to live the rest of his days as a hermit without using any of his powers and turned the loss of soul into loss of scales, resulting in about half of his body becoming cold, unmovable stone.

Trivia Edit

  • The tunnels give off a weird sensation like they are not supposed to be there, and this sensation of "wrongness" grows stronger as you step farther into the tunnels, as described by the dragonets.
  • Their purpose was to let NightWings make it quickly to the mainland, specifically the rainforest, and hunt. The volcanic island they live on has very little prey and the rainforest is an alternate source. This is also shown when the dragonets find a decaying sloth outside of the forest. This is how NightWings usually hunt.


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