Obsidian is a NightWing guard that appears in Winter Turning and Talons of Power. He has black scales and black eyes.


He is described by Moonwatcher to "have dark thoughts" when she is reading his mind. According to her, he despises being on guard duty, as well as Bromeliad, who is his patrol partner. He also wishes that the NightWings could overthrow Glory and take the Rainforest for themselves, showing a liking towards the feeling of dominance. Obsidian shows a hatred towards IceWings, like the rest of his tribe, as well as towards Moonwatcher, whom he thinks of as 'the peculiar dragonet.'


Winter Turning Edit

While Moonwatcher is checking if there were any dragons approaching them, she reads Obsidian's mind, describing him as "someone with dark thoughts." Later on, Kinkajou flags him down, and he escorts them to the NightWing village.

Talons of Power Edit

Obsidian is seen complaining to Darkstalker about insects in the rainforest.


Gallery Edit

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