Orangutan was a male RainWing mentioned in The Hidden Kingdom to have been captured by the NightWings. According to Kinkajou, he starved himself to death in the Night Kingdom, rather than eating the rotting carcasses provided by the NightWings. He, Bright, and Tapir died while being held captive by the NightWings.


The Hidden KingdomEdit

After escaping the NightWings, Glory and Kinkajou flew to Queen Magnificent's pavilion to ask the queen to organize an expedition to save the remaining RainWings. Magnificent declined, stating that there were plenty of other dragons in the tribe. Glory realized that the only way to save them would involve gaining control of the tribe, and so she challenged Magnificent for the throne. Afterwards, Kinkajou showed her support for Glory's declaration by sarcastically suggesting any skeptical dragons to ask GibbonOrchidSplendor, Tualang, or Loris for their opinion. She then continued by stating that they, along with several other RainWings, were all imprisoned in the Night Kingdom, with the exception of Tapir, Bright, and Orangutan, who had already perished during the NightWing experimentation.


  • An orangutan is a type of primate that lives in rainforests and has orange or reddish fur color.


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