Parch is a male SandWing who is mentioned in Deserter, noted to be Agave's best friend. He later makes a formal appearance in Darkness of Dragons.

Biography Edit

Deserter Edit

Blaze states to Six-Claws that Agave stole her favorite crown according to Camel who told Parch, and that Parch is Agave's best friend so it was most likely true. This causes Blaze to journey out into the sandstorm to find her crown. It is unknown, however, if the plot was planned by Blaze's sisters, Blister and Burn, or simply the dragonets' way of annoying Blaze. However, it is most likely that Blister and Burn plotted it to get rid of their sister.

Darkness of Dragons Edit

Parch is one of the two guards on Queen Thorn's stronghold when Qibli travels there with Cobra, Ostrich, and Winter. Qibli says that he has to see Queen Thorn, and Tawny is reluctant yet Parch thinks it is okay. They let Qibli go, and Qibli tells the others to wait for him by the Oasis monument.


Parch in Darkness of Dragons is described as "behaving like a renegade of the Scorpion Den when it came to things like a dress code or showing up for guard duty on time" and assuming that no one would ever get mad at him for it because he'd nearly died several times to save the Outclaws, which Qibli notes is pretty much true.

Trivia Edit

  • "Parch" means to become dry through intense heat; to be dried up, or having a lack of water.
  • Parch was apparently very shy as a young dragonet.



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