Not to be confused with Queen Pearl, a SeaWing queen in Darkstalker's time.
"All your jewels are safe, as always, no scavengers can get to them and no dragon would dare to try."
—Pearl in The Lost Heir

Pearl is an elegant pale-green[1] female SeaWing and a member of the SeaWing Council. She guards Queen Coral's treasury. She is introduced in The Lost Heir and is seen to have great respect for her queen.

Biography Edit

The Lost Heir Edit

Pearl was seen eating breakfast with Queen Coral, her daughters, and her council. She was the dragon who sat in the Treasury pool.

Quotes Edit

"All your jewels are safe, as always. No Scavengers can get to them and no dragon would dare to try."

Trivia Edit


References Edit

  1. The Lost Heir, page 112

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