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Penguin was an animus IceWing mentioned by Arctic in the prologue of Darkstalker (Legends) to have created the gift of diplomacy, a heated dome near the border of the Ice Kingdom. He may have also created three bracelets meant to get non-IceWings over the wall and keep them warm in the freezing temperatures, although this is not proven. He did not enchant the dome to build itself, as the dome was carved by other IceWings. He simply enchanted the dome to provide extra heat so that their guests from other tribes wouldn't be uncomfortable in the cold, or contract frostbite. It is unknown whether or not the dome is enchanted to be heat resistant.


  • Penguins are flightless birds that live in Antarctica that are able to swim. There are 17 penguin species in the world.
  • Penguin is also the name that Jambu used when he and Glory infiltrated Blaze's stronghold.
  • Arctic was considering improving the dome to prevent it from melting from fire-breathing tribes, but later said he wanted something that would be remembered long after he was gone. He wanted to make a very useful and important animus gift, like Princess Frostbite's Gift of Light.
  • It is unknown what has become of the Gift of Diplomacy, as modern Icewings are very isolated from other tribes.
  • It is also unknown how long ago was the Gift of Diplomacy enchanted.


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