"The possibility of hope and peace. But it's not guaranteed; they still have to work for it."
Moonwatcher, on the name of Possibility, in Winter Turning.

Possibility is a large town on the Great Five-Tail River. It was originally a SkyWing town on one side, and a SandWing town on the other side, but it merged together over the twenty years of the war. It has a wide, white stone bridge connecting the two halves. Qibli said that there are "hundreds of dragons there, from all the tribes these days mostly in peace."

Prince Winter, Qibli, Moonwatcher, and Prince Hailstorm used the town to get medical help for injured Kinkajou because there was a known doctor there described as the best in the land, and to hide from Queen Scarlet and her companion in Winter Turning. They went to Mayfly, a MudWing, who is said to be the best doctor in all of Possibility.

During the events of Escaping Peril, Peril commented that she thought that "they should rename the place "Unnecessary Violent Overreaction", due to the way the dragons of Possibility yelled at her and eventually drove her out due to her firescales when she was looking for Ex-Queen Scarlet. Peril also set off a Dragonflame cactus unintentionally in Possibility. She and Turtle met the other dragonets of the Jade Winglet there. Peril also encountered Winter at the arch as he was returning from the Ice Kingdom with Foeslayer.


  • After the two sides of the town merged, neither side wanted to take the other side's original name for the new town. Deciding to name the town a completely different name, they settled on Possibility, which stood for the possibility of peace and calm, but only available if every dragon worked for it.
  • Original candidates of names for Possibility included Hope, Peace, and Union. This shows dragons here wanted to work together.
  • While Possibility is sometimes claimed to be a "utopia" of sorts, there are various instances of classism, with some areas having well-tended and almost royal in stature and others appearing to be in the depths of poverty.
  • It is only the second town mentioned in the series, the first being the Scorpion Den, and the third being Sanctuary.
  • It is also unique in how it is positioned to have a bridge to cross the nearby Great Five-Tail River.

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