You have the brains of a sun-addled camel.
—About Palm and Smolder's planned elopement.

Prickle is a female SandWing who appears in the prologue of Darkness of Dragons. She is Palm's twin sister, and is taken away to prison instead of Palm because they look alike.

Appearance Edit

Prickle has patterns of light brown scales freckled across her paler yellow scales, much like her sister. Compared to Palm, she looks more lean and weathered because of living on her own in the desert for two years. She wears earrings made of fire opal that was originally Palm's, but her sister gave them to her for allowing her to stay in her hut for one night while fleeing from the guards.

Biography Edit

Prisoners Edit

When Fierceteeth is trying to get Saguaro to hear her story, she mentions a "gibbering mad SandWing a few cages down who never shuts up." The SandWing she is referring to is Prickle. This was confirmed in Darkness of Dragons.

Darkness of Dragons Edit

Palm appears at the door of Prickle's hut after being chased by a faction of the SandWing army, where Prickle asks Palm why she should let her in. After a quick discussion, Palm reluctantly gives her earrings to Prickle, saying that Smolder gave them to her. This brings up a discussion about Smolder, Prickle probably disliking him and Palm defending him. During their talk, the soldiers chasing Palm break into Prickle's hut. They take Prickle away, thinking that she was Palm because she was wearing her earrings. One soldier, by the name of Agave, recognizes that the soldiers were after the wrong dragon, but says nothing.

While Smolder and Onyx are hiding from the sandstorm after the attempted assassination of Queen Thorn, Prickle begins screaming at them from her cell about her innocence and her plans of vengeance against Palm. Thorn explains that they would have freed her, but approaching the cell ends in injuries for her soldiers so they decided to leave her. She was likely starved many times in the past by Burn's negligence of prisoners.

Quotes Edit

"Are the queen's guards chasing you right now? Did you lead them to me? I will not be murdered for your mistakes." - To Palm after she shows up at Prickle's hut

"Hand them over, or keep flying right now." - About the earrings Palm got from Smolder

"You have the brains of a sun-addled camel." - About Palm and Smolder's planned elopement

"You brought this on yourself." - To Palm about the SandWing queen being mad at her about loving Smolder

Trivia Edit

  • A prickle is a short, slender, sharp-pointed outgrowth on the bark or epidermis of a plant. In short, a small thorn.
  • She is the identical twin of Palm since the SandWing guards mistook Prickle for her.
  • She is the SandWing prisoner mentioned by Fierceteeth in Prisoners.
  • Prickle was driven insane by lack of food and sunlight.

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