"You know I could easily kill you from a distance. It would barely take a thought. But you've been a thorn in my side the last few years. Every chance she got - 'I don't really need you anymore. Perhaps Fathom will be better at this than you are. You're so expendable now that I have a replacement. What a pathetic creature you are, little brother, with your tiny teeth and oddly colored scales. Fathom is so much more presentable than you are."
—To Fathom during the Royal SeaWing Massacre.

Prince Albatross was a male animus SeaWing prince who lived about two thousand years ago. He was the first known animus Seawing. He was part of the SeaWing Royal Family and was killed after over-using his animus abilities and ultimately going insane. He slaughtered nine dragons, using a knife and his abilities, including his sister, Queen Lagoon, her husband, King Humpback, their daughter, Princess Splash, Prince Fathom's parents, Reef, Manta, his nephew and brother, Scallop, Eel, Princess Sunset of the SkyWings, and an unnamed musician before he was killed when Prince Fathom ordered a rack of narwhal-horn spears to attack him. Indigo was given credit for his death. This event was known as The Royal SeaWing Massacre. Before he went insane, Fathom described him sometimes as a fun, jovial dragon, who played tricks on his students, but sometimes rather boring.

Appearance Edit

He was described to look rather like a seagull, with blueish-grey scales that looked almost white in some places, blue eyes so dark they were nearly black, and long, powerful majestic wings[1]. His eyes were described as hooded before he started to turn insane. Albatross was in the same hatching as his sister, Queen Lagoon, but is nearly a neck taller[1]. He has a long, hooked snout and a warm, fish-smelling chuckle.



Albatross used his animus powers to start the creation of the Summer Palace.

Darkstalker (Legends) Edit

Albatross is shown, rather reluctantly, testing a group of SeaWing dragonets to see if any of them are animus dragons. While talking to Queen Lagoon, he is hit in the chest by Fathom's coconut. He externally seems rather pleased, but strangles a distant seagull with a vine while congratulating him, which is very strange for someone who is congratulating another person. Later, he is shown taking Fathom to the soon to be built Summer Palace. Fathom is the one who suggested to create a canopy to hide the palace from potential enemies who may fly overhead. He reveals that he learned of his animus powers when Sapphire and Lagoon, his two older sisters, were teasing him, saying he swam like a feeble duck. Sapphire took his clam shell that he was playing with, and he accidentally enchanted it, telling it to "Bite her! Bite all her claws off!" without thought. In doing so, Sapphire never could become queen and turned insane (much like her brother) and was secluded on an island far from the Sea Kingdom, with well-paid servants tending to her. Fathom had suggested to enchant plants so no one could see the Summer Palace. Indigo revealed she was watching over Fathom, and Albatross then told them both to go back to class. Later, in the welcoming party for the two recently arrived SkyWings, he arrived late, and Queen Lagoon argued with him for being late. He enchanted a knife to slit her throat, killing her. Chaos ensued as he attacked the SkyWings. As Fathom ran away, he saw Albatross kill Princess Splash. Later, Albatross found Fathom and Indigo behind the boats. When he revealed their hiding place, Indigo attacked him, giving time for Fathom to enchant spears to kill Albatross.

The Lost HeirEdit

Anemone made references to Albatross several times, saying that she didn't wish to use her animus powers and go insane like him. Unfortunately, Albatross's hard work may have been in vain, considering the Summer Palace was destroyed during the end of this book, though it was well hidden and had stayed that way prior to its destruction.

Moon RisingEdit

Albatross is mentioned in the scroll that Moon reads to find out about Dreamvisitors. The scroll describes The Royal SeaWing Massacre, and how his insanity influenced Queen Pearl to ban the use of all animus magic in the Sea Kingdom.

Escaping Peril Edit

After Turtle uses his animus power to take the scroll from Shapeshifter, Moon mentions Albatross while asking how Turtle is feeling. Turtle mentions that Albatross grew the entire pavilion before going completely insane, as proven in Darkstalker (Legends).

Talons of Power Edit

Albatross is mentioned various times in the book, as a parallel to both Turtle and Darkstalker. He "appeared" as a ghost in the epilogue, but it was an illusion.

Darkness of Dragons Edit

Albatross's ghost mentioned, tormenting the SeaWing tribe. It was confirmed Darkstalker created the ghost to scare the SeaWings.

Family TreeEdit

Prince Albatross
Princess Sapphire
Queen Lagoon
King Humpback
Prince Eel
Princess Manta
Prince Reef
Princess Splash
Prince Scallop
Prince Current
Queen Pearl
Prince Fathom

Quotes Edit

"An enchanted coconut will never miss, no matter how I dodge or try to block it. Go ahead and try." - Albatross during the Talons of Power ceremony

"Another animus in the tribe. I'm so very, very pleased." - About Fathom at the Talons of Power ceremony.

"Hmmm, yes, very interesting. This talon definitely has more power than that one." - Joking with Fathom in an animus training session.

"You may be wondering why you’re still alive. Especially when your entire family is dead." - To Fathom during the Royal SeaWing massacre.

"Bite her! Bite all of her claws off!" - His first unintended animus enchantment.

"No! Spears—" - His last words, cut off by Indigo, before Fathom's enchanted spears killed him.

Enchantments Edit

  • A conch shell, enchanted to glow when someone lies.
  • A fountain on the Island Palace (mentioned by Queen Lagoon).
  • The Summer Palace.
  • A knife controlled by him to kill his family.
  • An empty clamshell accidentally enchanted to bite off all of Princess Sapphire's claws.
  • A vine used to strangle a seagull (unconfirmed, but likely).



Albatross wasn't happy when he found out that Fathom was an animus because with another SeaWing animus he wouldn't be the most important SeaWing. Albatross sarcastically says that he's proud of having another animus SeaWing. During the Royal SeaWing Massacre, Albatross said that he could kill Fathom with out being close to him but wanted to see him die.

His sistersEdit

His older sisters used to bully him when he was young. Albatross accidentally enchanted a clam to bite off Princess Sapphire claws when Sapphire tried to steal the clam he was playing with. Later, during the Royal SeaWing Massacre he killed his other sister.


  • Albatross is confirmed to be of IceWing descent. This means that the entire royal SeaWing line contains IceWing blood.
  • In the epilogue of Talons of Power, the ghost of Albatross appears to come back to haunt the SeaWings, but it is later revealed to be an enchantment by Darkstalker to scare them.
  • An albatross is a very large sea bird resembling a seagull. It is noted to be one of the largest flying birds alive today.
  • Albatross is the first known animus SeaWing in ancient Pyrrhia.
  • Tui said in a meeting that we might possibly get an Albatross Legends book sometime in the future
  • Albatross is the sixth confirmed hybrid.
  • Albatross is the second SeaWing known to be a hybrid, the first being Typhoon, as well as the second known SeaWing and IceWing hybrid.
  • He is the fifth hybrid of IceWing descent, the others being King Darkstalker, Whiteout, Princess Sunny, and Typhoon.



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