"Well, there are lots of ways, and lots of reasons. Sometimes it's because they're sad or angry. Some dragons become bad when they have too much power. Sometimes they don't know they're bad guys. They think what they're doing is the right thing."
—Fathom, speaking to his dragonets about evil dragons

Prince Fathom was a royal SeaWing animus who befriended and mentored the first NightWing animus, Darkstalker. He was the grandson of Albatross and one of the few survivors of the Royal SeaWing Massacre, along with his sister, Queen Pearl of the SeaWings.

After the massacre, Fathom made an oath to his sister, who became the new queen of the SeaWings after the massacre, to never use his animus powers again and to stay away from his crush, Indigo. However, he is known to have broken the vow at least twice, once to free Indigo from the carving Darkstalker trapped her in, and again to enchant Clearsight's copper bracelet (originally a gift from Darkstalker to protect from mind reading). Fathom re-enchanted the bracelet to put Darkstalker to sleep forever, once it was put on him. Before the vow, Fathom used his powers numerous times, such as when he enchanted a coconut to hit his grandfather during the animus tests (the Talons of Power Ceremony, which was his first enchantment and was also where he discovered he was an animus). Fathom is also known to have helped enchant the SeaWing Summer Palace with his grandfather, Albatross and he also made Blob, a wooden pet octapus for his friend Indigo.

Appearance Edit

He was described to have rich, sea-green[1] or emerald-green[2] scales and grey-green eyes, which were said to look like miniature oceans after a storm[3]. His forehead is unusually creased with worry, being afraid of turning evil like his grandfather, Albatross. He also has a similar appearance to Turtle, save for his eyes.



Fathom was the grandson of Albatross and the second known animus of the SeaWings, the first known being his notorious grandfather. After Albatross went insane, Fathom swore an oath to his sister Pearl, who became the new queen of the SeaWings, to never use his animus powers again. A few years later, he was sent to mentor Darkstalker (and warn him of his soul), and the two became quick friends. On Clearsight's fifth birthday, Darkstalker made three enchanted star-shaped sapphires called dreamvisitors, and gave one to Fathom, and one to his soulmate, Clearsight, to link the three, no matter how far apart they were. As time passed, and the NightWing animus became more ambitious with his powers and enchantments, Fathom came to believe that Darkstalker would become evil, lose his mind, and kill everyone, so he broke his oath and enchanted Clearsight's bracelet to put Darkstalker into an eternal slumber. He and Clearsight were convinced that Darkstalker would turn evil and become a threat to everyone. The NightWings then moved to another island and gave up their powers to hide from Darkstalker and never allow anything that powerful to ever happen again.

Moon RisingEdit

In Moon Rising, Moonwatcher read a scroll trying to find out about dreamvisitors and finds out about Fathom from the scroll and more about Darkstalker. The scroll mentions Fathom's ties to the Royal SeaWing Massacre, and his enchanted object to put Darkstalker to sleep, but not much else is mentioned. Darkstalker confirms that the enchanted object was a bracelet.

Darkstalker (Legends)Edit

Fathom and a group of SeaWing dragonets; including his sister, Pearl and a dragonet named Indigo, are waiting on a beach on orders of Queen Lagoon. Indigo teases Fathom consistently, but he ignores her and follows Lagoon's orders to stay still. Finally, she arrives alongside Albatross. The two announce that they are going to be testing to see if any of the dragonets are animus. Albatross gives them some coconuts and tells them to enchant the coconuts to hit him. At first, he tries politely telling the coconut to hit Albatross. When nothing happens, Indigo teases him again and he sternly commands it to do so, enchanting the coconut to hit Albatross for real. Albatross congratulates him while silently strangling a distant seagull with a vine.

Later, Fathom, Indigo and some other SeaWing dragonets are in a geography class when a messenger comes and tells him that Albatross is waiting for him due to their first animus session. Fathom meets his grandfather at the "sunset beach", and Albatross then leads him to the soon-to-be Summer Palace. He tells him the story of what happened with his sister, Sapphire, when they were young, and cautions him about the dangers. Once they find out Indigo was listening to the story the whole time, Albatross changes his mind and they head back to the palace. Fathom then enchants a wooden pet octopus for Indigo that she names Blob.

Two SkyWings arrive in the palace, and Queen Lagoon reveals that she has animus dragons. Fathom spots Albatross waiting, but he slices her throat open and the Queen dies.

More flying in soon!!

Talons of PowerEdit

Darkstalker mentions his hate for Fathom while in the old Night Kingdom and says he will never forgive him. He gives Anemone Fathom's room in the old palace and tells her it used to be Fathom's. Darkstalker said that because of Fathom, he doesn't accept gifts from animus dragons, "especially lying, conniving SeaWings". Later, when he sees Turtle for the first time, he screams "Fathom!" and shoots fire at him, and later tells Turtle he looks exactly like Fathom.

Darkness of Dragons Edit

Qibli mentions Fathom and Clearsight when he asks himself if he and Clearsight like some kind of backup plan if their friend/enemy is freed, and that he would if he were them.

Family TreeEdit

Prince Albatross
Princess Sapphire
Queen Lagoon
King Humpback
Prince Eel
Princess Manta
Prince Reef
Princess Splash
Prince Scallop
Prince Current
Queen Pearl
Prince Fathom


"I mean… there are dragons that do bad things. But maybe that doesn't make them all bad. Maybe they can also do good things. Maybe some of those bad things are just mistakes." - Fathom describing "bad guys" (Darkstalker) to Ripple.

“Everyone stop squishing one another.”

"Spears! Kill my grandfather!" - Fathom's enchantment that killed Albatross

"Hello, that was supposed to be a graceful dolphin." - Fathom to Indigo

"Do you think it's true that animus dragons lose their souls? Is that why he's doing this?" - To Indigo during the Royal SeaWing Massacre

"Clearsight just flew off with the the bracelet and he's meeting her and hopefully she can use it on him, but it's possible she won't be able to, and then he'll be really mad, and then he might come back and... you know, destroy the world after all." - Fathom to Indigo

“I seem to recall just a few shrieking fits when you were that age.” -Fathom to Indigo

"Sometimes ... sometimes they don't know they're bad guys. They think what they're doing is the right thing." -Fathom to his and Indigo's dragonets.

"Um, like, never eat the purple variety of the long-legged sea crab?"


  • A fathom is a unit used to measure water depth, equal to six feet. Fathom also means to deeply think.
  • Because of Albatross being part IceWing, Fathom is of IceWing descent.
  • One of Fathom's descendants, Prince Turtle, is said by Darkstalker to look exactly like him. During the party at which the SeaWing massacre occurs, he also wears golden armbands, similar to Turtle's golden armband.
  • Fathom appeared as the protagonist of one of the 3 parts of Darkstalker (Legends).
  • Fathom has sworn to never use his animus powers, stating that "The soul that I still have, and wish to keep. Queen Pearl of the SeaWings, I pledge you this oath, on my life and sealed with my blood: I will never use my animus magic again, not for the rest of my days." Afterwards, he used a sword and drew an 'X' on the palm of his talon. However, this oath was broken for he later used his powers to save Indigo and imprison Darkstalker.
  • Since Fathom and his family lived on an island near the Rainforest Kingdom, he may have hidden Darkstalker's scroll on that island, or somewhere within the rainforest.
  • This may explain why Chameleon found it, being the only known exiled RainWing.
  • In Talons of Power, Darkstalker says that he still hasn't forgiven Fathom for "betraying" him.
  • It has been mistaken that he had fire in Darkstalker (Legends).
  • He is the third dragon shown to have artistic talent, the first being Mightyclaws and the second being Whiteout.



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