"Thank you, brother. I hope. . . I hope one day I'll see you again."
—Hailstorm to Winter in Winter Turning.

Prince Hailstorm is a royal, male IceWing and the older brother to Winter and Icicle, as well as a nephew to the late IceWing ruler, Queen Glacier. Prior to the events of the main series, Hailstorm was captured by the SkyWings when he was searching for scavenger dens with his younger brother, Winter. Winter and the rest of the IceWings assumed he was dead, killed by the NightWings led by Morrowseer when they swooped into the SkyWing battle arena to save Starflight in The Dragonet Prophecy. In Moon Rising, it was discovered that Ex-Queen Scarlet had kept important prisoners an unknown secret location in the Sky Kingdom, which had saved Hailstorm's life. Winter often compares himself to Hailstorm, thinking he isn't as good as his brother. Scarlet had Chameleon "hide" Hailstorm by using Darkstalker's Talisman to transform him into the form of a fake SkyWing by the name of Pyrite for two years, until Winter removed the necklace that contained the enchanted piece of scroll. At the end of Talons of Power, Hailstorm was alerted by a messenger that Queen Glacier had died. He appears shocked and wishes that Winter was there with him, showing that he cares a lot about his brother.

Appearance Edit

Hailstorm has silvery scales[1], long glittering silver-and-white wings[2], and fierce white claws[3]. His eyes are bluer than Winter’s or Icicle’s[4] eyes, as blue as the arctic sky[2], sharp and alert. He is noted to be tall and has crinkles around the edges of his eyes when he grins.



Hailstorm and Winter go searching for scavenger dens in SkyWing territory. Shortly, they encounter fourteen SkyWings and Hailstorm talks them out of capturing Winter. The SkyWings take him prisoner instead of Winter and bring him to Ex-Queen Scarlet's Palace, where it is made sure that 'no one can find him'. Winter was left behind as a messenger to run back and tell the queen so Hailstorm could be used as ransom. Hailstorm is then taken to Queen Scarlet's palace, where he is turned into Pyrite using Darkstalker's Talisman.

Moon Rising Edit

In Moon Rising, Queen Scarlet tells Icicle (using a dreamvisitor) that Hailstorm is alive, and she can get him back if she kills the Dragonets of Destiny. Moon overhears their conversation but does not know who they are, nor does she know who they were talking about. Darkstalker does, in fact, know who is conspiring, but will not tell Moon to keep her safe.

In the process of attempting to kill Starflight, Icicle told Winter that she was doing it for Hailstorm, and Winter decides to save him. However, he did smack Icicle on her head with his tail while protecting Starflight and Moonwatcher, telling Icicle that it wasn't Moon's nor Starflight's fault and they could save Hailstorm without killing.

At the end of the book, Winter sets out to find Hailstorm and Icicle. Soon the rest of his winglet join him, even though that wasn't his initial plan.

It is shown in Moon Rising that Icicle and Winter both thought Hailstorm was dead (until Scarlet told Icicle that Hailstorm was still alive), killed by NightWings while "rescuing" Starflight, which contributes to Icicle and Winter's hate of NightWings. 

Winter TurningEdit

Hailstorm and his brother, Winter, are first featured in the prologue. He had taken Winter near SkyWing territory to try and find him a scavenger den, but the two are caught by fourteen SkyWings, including the last living daughter of Scarlet, Ruby. Hailstorm convinces them to only take him, and they oblige, knocking him out and bringing him to Scarlet, but not taking Winter. He had convinced Winter to go to to the IceWing Kingdom where he would be safe. He wakes up in Scarlet's throne room, and they talk for a bit, before another dragon puts the "Pyrite-mask" on him, turning Hailstorm the IceWing into Pyrite the SkyWing. The dragon who put the "mask" on him was most likely Scarlet's companion, Chameleon.  

Later, Winter recalls a hunting party that included Hailstorm. He remembers Hailstorm eagerly hopping from foot to foot and notes how confident and energetic he was. He also split off from Icicle and Winter as soon as he had the chance.

Even later, a dragon named Pyrite (Hailstorm) from the Talons of Peace who was traveling with the Jade Winglet was revealed to be Hailstorm, under a spell. The enchantment given to the necklace had specific conditions, that Winter thought may have been meant just for Hailstorm, like being completely loyal to Ex-Queen Scarlet, believing the wearer is useless, believing that the wearer could never remove her necklace, or she would die, and to have no memory of the former identity. 

After the Pyrite necklace was removed from Hailstorm, he remembered very little about his previous life, and his memories got mixed and confused with those of Pyrite's. He considered putting the Pyrite necklace back on so that he wouldn't have to live with two sets of memories. Winter then takes Hailstorm along his journey with Qibli, Moon, and an injured Kinkajou, to the town of Possibility. In Possibility, Hailstorm spots a SkyWing soldier named Eagle, which he remembers from Pyrite's memory. This causes some problems for the group, as Eagle swoops down and demands how Hailstorm knows his name. 

Hailstorm finally recollects all of his memory after being reintroduced by Winter to the Ice Kingdom. In the Ice Kingdom, Hailstorm is put to the bottom of the Seventh Circle, the lowest of possible ranks, while Winter is promoted to the first place in the First Circle, the highest rank. Unfortunately for Hailstorm, it was just before his seventh hatching day. This meant he would be permanently placed in the seventh circle, and exiled to an outpost unless the Diamond Trial was performed. In order to regain his place back in the first circle (where he was before his capture by SkyWings), he must battle whoever was in first in the first circle (the highest position), who was currently Winter. His parents set it up so Winter, their least favorite child would be killed by their one of their favored children, Hailstorm. They even told Hailstorm that rules and what was supposed to happen to ensure his victory. Hailstorm was supposed to defeat Winter in the trial, but instead, he let him live as he couldn't kill his brother for what he had done for him. The brothers bid each other farewell and as soon as Hailstorm stepped out of the caves, he knew it was probably the last time he'd see Winter ever again because Winter would never be able to return to the Ice Kingdom.

Talons of PowerEdit

In the epilogue of Talons of Power, Hailstorm was seen touching the spot on the wall where Winter's name had once been. He was shivering violently from fever, thinking that the sickness is a punishment for what happened between him and Winter, when a messenger came. Hailstorm asks if his parents are getting better from the plague, and the messenger replies by saying that they are getting worse. The messenger says that there was something else and ends the book by saying that "The queen of the IceWings is dead". The Icewing queen mentioned here is Queen Glacier.

Darkness of Dragons Edit

Hailstorm is shown with his father and Snowfall at the Academy, standing behind them looking falsely stoic as though in a play while his relatives demand to know where Darkstalker is. When Winter arrives, he looks happy in contrast to his father and cousin. The reunion is cut short by the NightWing scouts arriving, and he helps to kill one while another kills his father. He and Winter are shown briefly grieving for their father before leaping into battle. He is then later seen fighting the NightWings back to back with Winter, and was teleported back to the Ice Kingdom with the other IceWings, due to Anemone's spell.

Personality Edit

Before the enchantment, Hailstorm was a confident and energetic dragon that cared greatly for the safety of his family, as shown when he sacrificed himself to an unknown fate when he and Winter were caught by SkyWings. He was also loved dearly by his mother Tundra, his sister Icicle, and Winter. Both his parents favored him and Icicle more than Winter. After returning home in Winter Turning, Hailstorm put his brother Winter before his ranking in the first circle, not killing him in the Diamond Trial. He left, and they both lived.

Family Tree Edit

Queen Glacier
Prince Narwhal
Queen Snowfall
Prince Hailstorm
Prince Winter
Princess Icicle

Trivia Edit

  • Hailstorm is shown to be rather heroic, as displayed by him sacrificing himself for Winter to the SkyWings as well as offering to die in his place during the Diamond Trial.
  • He is shown to deeply care for his brother, as he was willing to sacrifice and die for him. He is shown to be happy when he sees Winter again.
  • He is one of the IceWings who survived the Plague due to one of Qibli's earrings and also survives The Jade Mountain Battle between the IceWings and NightWings.
  • He is one of only four known dragons to ever wear a mask, meaning becoming a different dragon. The others are Chameleon, Queen Tourmaline, and Prince Winter.
  • A hailstorm is a storm of heavy frozen balls of ice.
  • Hailstorm is one of the only dragons known that was changed into another dragon by animus magic. The others are Queen Tourmaline and Darkstalker.


"The currents are mine to command!"

"But... I thought we were friends!" - to Eagle (thinking that Hailstorm was Pyrite)

"Winter. . . I want to go home." - to Winter during their time in Possibility

"Seems like a waste of magic. We're going to fly right over it." - Opinion on the Great Ice Wall

"Thank you, brother. I hope - I hope one day I'll see you again." - Hailstorm's last words to Winter before leaving the Diamond Trial 

"I'm here to kill you." - To Foeslayer

"No need to panic, little brother. We're here for your weird little obsession. So get excited!" - To Winter in the prologue of "Winter Turning"

"You know I can't. You're the one who rescued me. You're my brother. I'm not going to murder you now, so you're just going to have to do it to me." - To Winter during the Diamond Trial

"Would you fight alongside us? Even after... What we did to you?" - To Winter during the Jade Mountain Battle

"Father!" - when Narwhal was attacked

"What am I saying? Winter, what am I saying?" - To Winter, confused about his identity in Winter Turning

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References Edit

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