"It's an abomination. SkyWing law commands us to kill creatures like that at hatching."
—Hawk about Peril in the prologue of Escaping Peril

Hawk is a male SkyWing prince, and one of Scarlet's sons. He appears in the prologue of Escaping Peril. Ruby sees him as good-natured; however, she believes he only treats her the way he does because he knows that he isn't worth killing, unlike Ruby. Seeing his sisters die has most likely scared him, and his good humor comes from relief that he is not "important enough to be killed".

Trivia Edit

  • According to Ruby, he was the only one of her brothers that was kind to her.
  • Prince Hawk is the second dragon to be introduced as one of Ex-Queen Scarlet's sons, the first being Vermilion.
  • A hawk is a large bird of prey.
  • It is unknown if he's still alive.

Family Tree Edit

Queen Carmine
Princess Sunset
Several Generations
Ex-Queen Scarlet
Three Unnamed Sisters (Deceased)
Prince Vermilion
Queen Ruby (Tourmaline)
Eleven Unnamed Daughters
Two Unnamed Sons
Prince Cliff

Quotes Edit

"Did you know about this?"

"I thought it was dead. It should be dead."

"It's an abomination. SkyWing law commands us to kill creatures like that at hatching." - To Vermilion

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  1. Confirmed by Tui T. Sutherland


Present: Queen RubyEx-Queen Scarlet
Historical: Queen Carmine


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Historical: Sunset

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