"You bet, no problem, Your Majesty, Except, counting. Um. Don't get me wrong, I'm really good at it. Up to, like... twenty? That's a pretty big number, right? There probably aren't more NightWings here than that."
—Jambu to Glory about counting the NightWings

Prince Jambu is a male RainWing and one of the two confirmed relatives of Queen Glory, the other being Ex-Queen Grandeur. He was confirmed to be Queen Glory's half-brother in The Hidden Kingdom, making him, in a regular hierarchy, a prince. He is similar to all the other pre-Queen Glory generation of RainWings, pathetic at almost everything except for tree-gliding, dart-shooting, and being optimistic. He is the instructor of tree gliding for dragonets of the tribe and competed against Exquisite for Glory's team when she challenged Magnificent to be the new queen of the RainWings, which he lost due to her cheating.

Appearance Edit

Jambu's scales are often kept at a bright magenta or raspberry pink, implying that, personality-wise, he is very optimistic and cheerful. When he is disappointed or depressed, which is quite uncommon, blue-gray will appear on his scales in the shape of clouds. He also carries a pouch of sleeping darts around his neck. Glory once wondered whether he ever turned any other colors.


The Hidden KingdomEdit

Jambu, along with Liana and a few other RainWings, caught the Dragonets of Destiny entering the Rainforest Kingdom via sleeping darts. He brought them back to the RainWing village and spent time with Glory, to educate her about the RainWing culture. During this time, they compared venom and discovered, much to Jambu's delight, that they were relatives, and it was likely that Jambu was Glory's older half-brother.

When Mangrove fled the Rain Kingdom through the NightWing portal to the Kingdom of Sand, In hopes of finding Orchid, Jambu accompanied Glory and the other dragonets on their search, which brought them to the borders of the Ice Kingdom and Blaze's Fortress. Glory and Jambu disguised themselves as IceWings named Storm and Penguin (respectively) to gain entrance. Inside, Jambu spotted Mangrove, camouflaged in a corner. Jambu and Glory managed to convince Blaze to come outside so the dragonets could meet her. On their way out of the door, they saved two scavengers that were about to get eaten by Blaze and her followers.

Later, when Glory challenged the RainWing queens for the throne, Jambu competed in the tree top race against Ex-Queen Exquisite. He ended up losing when some of Exquisite's sloths tossed vines in his way and nearly choked him. Despite this, Glory won the contest overall.

The Dark SecretEdit

Jambu became one of Glory's most reliable RainWings after her coronation. He participated in Glory's mission to rescue the imprisoned RainWings in the Night Kingdom and was one of the first dragons to go through the portal. Starflight described him as either, "brave, or not knowing what he was getting himself into." He was also described as being one of the best shots with a blowgun in this book.

The Brightest NightEdit

When Fierceteeth, Strongwings, and Preyhunter used the Obsidian Mirror to spy on Glory, she was shown instructing Jambu and Grandeur to count all the NightWings in the rainforest. Jambu was uneasy over this and was revealed to be terrible at counting, as he was only able to count to twenty. Later, Glory sent Jambu and Mangrove back to the Ice Kingdom to convince Blaze to attend the peace summit in Burn's stronghold. The mission failed, however, since Queen Glacier refused to allow Blaze to go because Glacier doesn't want to lose all the land if Blaze loses.

Winter Turning Edit

He briefly appears smarting off to his half-sister, Queen Glory, while he's watching over the unconscious Princess Icicle. He tells Glory the story of the RainWing that couldn't change his scale color. This later turns out to be Chameleon.

Personality Edit

Jambu is usually cheerful and optimistic. He is horrified of the thought of no sunlight (as is normal with most RainWings), and very much enjoys calling his half-sister, Glory, "Your Majesty". He finds having her as a sister "cool". He can seem to be quite annoying at times, but he is very cheery. He cares much about Glory.

Family Tree Edit

Queen Anaconda
Several Generations
Ex-Queen Grandeur
Three Unnamed Daughters
Prince Jambu
Queen Glory
Princess Firefly
(Possible Future)

Trivia Edit

  • Jambu is the name of a fruit, as some people call guavas "jambus".
  • Jambu also means "handsome" in Brazilian.
  • Jambu is known to be one of the best shooters with the sleeping dart guns that the RainWings use.
  • He is the first known member of what is left of the original Royal RainWing Family, as Ex-Queen Grandeur states that she was also from the original line.
  • In The Brightest Night, he states that he can only count up to 20, discovered when he attempted to count the number of NightWings that escaped from the volcano.
  • Jambu mentions in The Hidden Kingdom that he does not know what a scroll is, which causes Starflight to become upset.
  • Jambu's favorite color appears to be pink, as his scales are usually this color.
  • Jambu used the name Penguin. Penguin who was an IceWing animus dragon who appeared in Darkstalker (Legends).

Quotes Edit

"I wouldn't mind stopping for a nap, though."- Jambu flying over the SandWing kingdom

"I don't know what that is. But I'm really freaking cold, aren't you?" - Jambu in the Ice Kingdom

"More sleeping."

"I can be helpful. I bet I'm better at spotting camouflaged RainWings than you are."

"What prophecy? What's a Dragonet of Destiny?"

"You bet, no problem, Your majesty, Except, counting. Um. Don't get me wrong, I'm really good at it. Up to, like... twenty? That's a pretty big number, right? There probably aren't more NightWings here than that."- to Glory about counting NightWings

"That's our cautionary tale of what happens when you don't sleep. Ahem. Your Majesty." - to Glory, after telling Winter and his companions about a RainWing who couldn't sleep

"RainWings don't do families." - To Glory after she asks about her family in The Hidden Kingdom

"'No inspiring speech."’ - To Glory before the contest for the RainWing throne

"I'm sure it'll be fine."

"Aw, look! She's happy to see us!" -about Glory when they meet

"I like this one; it's wild." - To the guard taking them to Blaze about a tapestry.

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