"Couldn't you keep it casual like the rest of us? I have three girlfriends right now and everyone's perfectly happy and not serious. And safe."

Prince Scald is a male SandWing and one of the sons of Queen Oasis. His name was revealed in Deserter.



Scald is shown to be ineffectively comforting Smolder after the disappearance of Palm, when Queen Oasis is killed by scavengers. He is later killed by one of his sisters, likely Burn.

Family Tree Edit

Queen Scorpion
Several Generations
King Char
Queen Oasis
Unnamed Sisters
Prince Scald
Prince Smolder
Prince Singe
Princess Burn
Princess Blister
Princess Blaze

Trivia Edit

  • A scald is a burn caused by hot liquid or steam.


Queens  Present: Queen ThornQueen Oasis

 Historical: Queen Scorpion

Royalty  BlazeBlisterBurnCharScaldSingeSmolderSunny
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Other Dragons  AddaxAgaveArmadilloCamelDuneHorizonJerboaKindleMeerkatNeedleOcotilloOstrich (Deserter)PalmParchPrickleQuicksandRattlesnakeSaguaroSandstormSiroccoSix-ClawsViperUnknown SandWing Animus
Hybrids  Sunny
Kingdom  Blaze's FortressBlister's HideoutGreat Five-Tail RiverPossibilityQueen Oasis' GraveQueen Thorn's StrongholdScorpion Den
Society  OutclawsWar of The SandWing Succession

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