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"That's your own fault. If you hadn't made it so serious, Mother wouldn't have had to intervene."

Prince Singe was a male SandWing and one of the three sons of Queen Oasis and King Char. His name was revealed in the third book in the Winglets series, Deserter.

Biography Edit

Deserter Edit

He is shown ineffectively attempting to comfort his brother, Smolder, after the disappearance of Palm. He was also there when Oasis was killed by the scavengers. Later into the war, Singe was killed by Burn for unknown reasons listed by Burn as "annoying her too much".

Family Tree Edit

King Char
Queen Oasis
Two Unnamed Sisters
Prince Scald
Prince Singe
Princess Burn
Princess Blister
Princess Blaze
Prince Smolder

Trivia Edit

  • To singe is to burn lightly or superficially.
  • Singe was killed by Burn because he "annoyed her too much".

Quotes Edit

"No marriage, no dragonets, no extra heirs causing problems. As long as we follow the queen's rules, she leaves us alone." To Smolder, after Palm disappears.

"You're not an idiot. You know perfectly that she's dead." To Smolder, trying to make him admit that Palm is dead.



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Historical: Queen Scorpion



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