"Everyone is gathering...but, mother, I can't lead them into battle myself. Can't we postpone the attack? Mastermind says your armor isn't ready...."
—Greatness trying to get Queen Battlewinner to postpone taking over the Rainforest

Ex-Princess Greatness is a female NightWing, and the only daughter of the former NightWing queen, Battlewinner. She is currently the only NightWing princess and heir to the throne, as Greatness has no known siblings or aunts. Greatness would listen to what Battlewinner was saying through a screen and then tell it to everyone else. She was Battlewinner's voice. However, she has no interest in being queen, so after her mother died, the NightWing throne went to Queen Glory instead. She is grateful to Glory for taking the throne instead of her, for she never wanted to be queen in the first place. However, she was always criticized by her mother for being 'useless' and 'weak'. Being okay with bowing down to RainWings was just another one of those 'weak' and 'useless' moments in Queen Battlewinner's eyes, although she had precious few seconds to experience this before she froze to death.


Greatness has black eyes[1] and a scar rippling down her chest. Her wings droop in an odd way, as if they are weighted down with rocks, and she wears a cluster of diamonds around her neck. Another chain of smaller teardrop diamonds is wound around her horns[2]. According to Deathbringer, she always sounds a little nervous, as if she isn't sure anyone believes anything she says[3].



Greatness, Morrowseer, and Quickstrike are briefly shown having a discussion about Deathbringer and whether or not he should be permitted to leave the island to kill the SeaWing General, Commander Tempest. She did not have a say in this conversation; she was speaking for her mother.

The Dark SecretEdit

Greatness spoke for her mother, Queen Battlewinner, who was unable to leave her cauldron of lava due to having an internal freezing issue caused by an IceWing's frostbreath (which was not known by the dragonets at the time). During the RainWing attack on the NightWings, after Glory threatened her, Greatness showed them to her mother. When they told her their idea about making the NightWings subjects to Queen Glory she said that it sounded decent and didn't make an objection about wanting the throne for herself, much to a freezing Queen Battlewinner's chagrin. Starflight stated that Greatness didn't appear to be a very good queen, and hasn't yet acted regally or as a queen should, as shown when the volcano in the Night Kingdom erupted, Greatness was the second dragon to escape through the tunnel to the rainforest, not caring about her tribe. She said that she was glad she would never have to be queen, and is revealed to be very fond of Deathbringer, sparing his life even when his identity as a traitor was revealed. It is suspected, and likely, that she may like him.

The Brightest NightEdit

Fierceteeth, Preyhunter, and Strongwings debated whether or not Greatness should have been the NightWing queen. They seemed to think of her as very selfish, saving her own scales rather than the Obsidian Mirror.

Moon Rising Edit

In the prologue of Moon Rising, Secretkeeper is able to get into the Rainforest by lying that she wanted to bring some food for Greatness to give to the queen.

When she gets into the Rainforest and finds her egg turned silver, Secretkeeper wonders if its a trick by Mastermind or Greatness.


Greatness, despite being a princess, is not interested in becoming queen of the NightWings, and occasionally expresses it defiantly. She accepts who she is and puts her own needs before her tribe, like when she ran out of the NightWing tunnel to the Rainforest without checking to be sure her dragons were safe, which made Starflight certain she would not be a good or proper queen of the NightWings. However, she was able to admit that what her mother was doing was wrong. That could point to courage, even if it is not for the right thing. When Starflight first saw her he was certain she wasn't the queen, as he noticed that as she sat down her wings slumped in a tired manner, and she didn't emote a queenly aura.

Family Tree Edit

Queen Vigilance
Several Sons and Daughters
Several Generations
Queen Battlewinner
Princess Greatness
King Darkstalker

Quotes Edit

"Actually, Mother, it sounds like a decent plan to me."

"Being queen is awful." - to Queen Battlewinner after she states Greatness would be a horrible queen.

"I need to speak to the queen first." - to Starflight and the others in the halls.

"The dangerous one." - about Glory.

"The queen has spoken. Vengeance, you endangered the whole tribe. You disobeyed orders. You brought a viper to us disguised as a simple garden snake."

"Deathbringer... That kind of betrayal... The punishment is death." - To Deathbringer about being a traitor.

Trivia Edit

  • It is stated in The Brightest Night by Preyhunter, Fierceteeth, and Strongwings that Greatness doesn't trust animus enchanted objects.
  • Starflight said that Princess Greatness lacked the power and authority of a queen. Her mother, Queen Battlewinner, also mentioned her being a weak and unambitious queen.
  • Greatness is one of the thirteen known NightWings having non-compound word names, the others being Fearless, Obsidian, Slaughter, Vengeance, Wisdom, Eclipse, Listener, Thoughtful, Prudence, Discretion, Vision, and Queen Vigilance.
  • Greatness could be one of the 5 real NightWings that were brought to the desert with Burn, Blister, and Blaze and the rest of the tribes, showing she was alright with Glory as being queen.
  • Though Queen Battlewinner says that Greatness is weak, she seems to trust her enough with most decisions, as she is one of the only dragons who knows her secret.
  • Her name is kind of ironic, considering she would have been a terrible queen and is a "great" disappointment to her mother.
  • It is unknown whether or not she is one of the NightWings who went along with King Darkstalker to the old NightWing Kingdom in Talons of Power, as she has not been seen since her appearance in The Dark Secret.
  • She may have a crush on Deathbringer.



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