"You have animus dragons, and you let them live?!"
—Sunset to Queen Lagoon about animus dragons.[1]

Princess Sunset was a SkyWing princess who lived around 2000 years before the events of The Dragonet Prophecy, and was solely featured at the beginning of Darkstalker (Legends). She was mentioned to be bright red in color, similar to the blood-red hibiscus flowers garnishing the Island Palace[2],with bright amber eyes [3]. Princess Sunset and Eagle were ambassadors sent from the SkyWings to discuss about the SeaWings going into SkyWing territory. She and Eagle were at a party being given a tour by Queen Lagoon herself when Albatross went insane and killed the SeaWing queen. The two tried to escape, but Albatross turned the knife over in his talons and let it go, impaling Sunset "where her jaw met her neck"[4], (most likely severing her carotid artery) and killing her. Her companion, Eagle, was stabbed in the heart, but he miraculously survived, though injured. After her death, the two tribes agreed to somewhat of a peace treaty, where the SeaWings would give them the shore villages and send a tribute of gems and seafood for the next five years, partially due to the princess's death and partially so the SkyWings would keep quiet about the massacre[5]. After her death, Eagle swore "that he would avenge her", though we don't know if he did.

Family Tree Edit

Queen Carmine
Princess Sunset
Several Generations
Ex-Queen Scarlet
Three Unnamed Sisters (Deceased)
Prince Vermilion
Queen Ruby (Tourmaline)
Eleven Unnamed Daughters
Two Unnamed Sons
Prince Cliff

Trivia Edit

  • Sunset is the first SkyWing dragon to be describe as having pinkish scales.
  • A sunset is the time in the evening when the sun disappears or daylight fades.
  • It is also the colors and light visible in the sky on an occasion of the sun's disappearance in the evening, considered as a view or spectacle.

Quotes Edit

"I guess we could set it on fire. Then perhaps it would be palatable." - about the raw food while visiting the SeaWings. 

"You have animus dragons, and you let them live?"-To Queen Lagoon about Fathom and Albratros

"We just drop them off a cliff when they're hatched." - talking about animus dragons  

Gallery Edit


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Present: Queen RubyEx-Queen Scarlet
Historical: Queen Carmine


Present: CliffHawkTourmalineVermilion
Historical: Sunset

Jade Mountain


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