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"Hey. I'm the idiot clawmate, although most dragons call me Qibli. My intimidating acquaintance here is Winter. What's your name?"
—Qibli to Moon in the Prey Center in Moon Rising.

Qibli is a young male SandWing dragonet. He is a former Outclaw, who thought of himself as Thorn's personal bodyguard and her most loyal friend since he was the age of three, and was referred to as her "third wing" by Onyx. He is currently a student at the Jade Mountain Academy in the Jade Winglet with Moonwatcher, Kinkajou, Turtle, and Peril. He was also previously clawmates with Winter. Qibli is the protagonist of Darkness of Dragons. He is currently in a relationship with Moonwatcher. 

Appearance Edit

Qibli is wiry and narrow-shouldered[1] and has light, sand-colored scales[2] with several light brown freckles on his snout, very similar to Thorn's [3], and pale yellow wings[4]. He also has large, muscular legs with sharp talons. This led to Sunny asking if he was Thorn's son. The answer was no, although he replied that Thorn had saved him from his family, and considers himself adopted by her. In The Brightest Night, he was described as having “A dark amber earring glowed in one ear and a small, rakish scar zigzagged across his nose.”[5] This earring was almost torn out in Moon Rising while confronting Icicle and was later enchanted in Talons of Power by Turtle so that none of Darkstalker's spells worked on him. He has been described to be handsome or good-looking by many.


Qibli is witty and sarcastic. He is also funny and easy going. He has an intense desire for approval from others, and he is very insecure. He is loyal to Thorn and Moonwatcher and is best friends with both Winter and Turtle. When insulted on a personal level, he can lash out, as demonstrated by his reaction to Winter's comment about his lack of animus magic in Darkness of DragonsHis deductive reasoning skills are unbelievably developed, as seen by Moon with her mind reading in Moon Rising.


The Brightest NightEdit

Qibli first appears as part of The Outclaws when Thorn pins Preyhunter to the ground for admitting the truth of Morrowseer's death. He shot forward along with Six-Claws when Preyhunter lashed out at Thorn. When the NightWing was killed by Thorn, he stood beside the body looking "as if he'd very much like to stab it again, just to be sure".

Later, he follows Queen Thorn and Sunny before they talk about the "Wanted" posters around the Scorpion Den. He tells Thorn he's not leaving her alone with a stranger, showing his loyalty towards her. When a messenger informs Thorn that there have been reports of a Dragonbite Viper near the orphanage, she leaves and Qibli is left alone with Sunny. She asks him what a Dragonbite Viper is, and he tells her that it's the only snake in Pyrrhia that can kill a dragon with its venom. Soon after, Sunny asks him if Thorn was his mother, too. He denies it, saying that she saved him from his real mother and that his brother and sister hated him. As Sunny lies down on a pillow, she asks what the Outclaws do. He tells her that they are in charge of the Scorpion Den, and becomes a little insulted when she starts to fall asleep while he's talking, though he lets her sleep anyway.

When the Outclaws attack Burn's stronghold, he fights alongside Thorn and Six-Claws. As a SandWing soldier was about to stab Thorn, Qibli barrels him away. Sunny and Thorn get locked into a post office-type room in Burn's Stronghold by Smolder, and when they escape, Thorn gathers her Outclaws and retreats back to the Scorpion Den. Qibli remarks that he never trusted Smolder and that Thorn should have never done so either, and claimed that you should never trust a royal dragon, to which Thorn pointed out that he didn't even know any royals.

Moon RisingEdit

Qibli notices Moonwatcher in the hall while she is looking for her room (he was talking to Ostrich). He observes that she is twitching her wings back to look smaller than she really is, and he wonders if she is up to something or if she is just shy. He remembers that Queen Thorn does not like NightWings, so he is a bit wary of her, however, he thinks the unusual teardrop scales by her eyes are pretty. He seems to be drawn to her and is always finding himself trying to be her friend.

Later in the prey center, he steps in when Moon is protecting Bandit, a scavenger ( Winter is trying to get Bandit because he is Winter's pet). Qibli was actually the one who let the scavenger out of the cage in the first place (he had wanted a better look at it). Qibli defends Moon from Winter's threats and harsh words (Winter had thought that Moon was trying to eat his pet). Qibli then comes to the winglet meeting the next day. He defends Moon from Winter when he grills her for NightWing secrets. He flies out the window and is amazed at how well she can hunt. Moon then offers him half of the goat she caught. They then go to the prey center and share the goat.

The next day, he shows up after Winter when Moon is warning everyone about the fire. He asks her what's wrong and tries to stop Carnelian from going inside, lying and saying that it was because it smelled bad. When the cave blows up, Qibli then defends Moon a third time from Winter when he asks her how she knew. Qibli finds out that Moon is a mind reader, thinks that she thought of him a terrible dragon, or maybe even realized his feelings for her and then runs off. The next day, he tells Moon that he wants to help her find the murderer.

Qibli then tells Moon to check Pike, Flame, and Icicle. They all are dead ends, and they later both go outside to try Onyx. Qibli asks questions to get Onyx to admit that she set the fire. Everyone in the circle respects him. After they know it isn't her, Moon lies to Qibli about the skyfire, which makes him distrust her again. Moon reads his thoughts later, wondering if he should tell the MudWings. He then appears when Moon goes to see Sora. When Sora and Umber leave, Qibli follows Moon to the library. They both know that the killer is Sora and that Icicle has been conspiring with Queen Scarlet to kill the Dragonets of Destiny.

When they get there, Icicle is creeping up on Starflight, ready to kill him. Qibli yells to Starflight, hoping to warn him, but as he does, Icicle pins Starflight down and twists around to use him as a shield. Moon begs her not to kill him, and Winter overhears the conversation and begins to question his sister. Icicle warns Winter to stay out of her way. Moon hears Icicle's thoughts as Qibli gets too close, and Icicle shoots frostbreath in their direction as she shoves him out of the way. Moon takes the hit on the edge of her wing, then Icicle smashes Starflight's head down, knocking him out. Moon lands next to him, making sure he is alive. Qibli throws himself at Icicle, and she throws Qibli on top of a desk, which he slides behind. Icicle then goes for Moon, and Winter tries to get her off, but Icicle is bigger and stronger. Icicle then states Starflight was the reason the IceWings died in Queen Scarlet's prison. Moon states that Winter and Starflight are good inside. Winter then smashes his tail onto Icicle's head, which causes her to let go of Moon. She had a gash on the back of her head and cuts from Qibli. Icicle then reveals Hailstorm is alive, she was working with Scarlet to get him back, and that Winter once again ruined their chance to get him back. She then flees out the leaf window while Winter shouts for her to come back. Qibli then gets back up, with bruises all over his face, and his earring nearly torn off. He thinks to himself how Thorn would be disappointed if she saw him get knocked out by an IceWing.

Winter Turning Edit

Qibli annoys Winter by making clever observations about what Winter is planning but still wants to be friends. Winter got rid of Turtle, and Qibli said that he couldn't get rid of the rest of them as easily. This annoyed Winter very much, but he "allowed" them to follow. They all ended up flying to the rainforest to warn Queen Glory about Icicle coming to kill her.

Qibli sees the dead NightWing body covered in frost breath. He is later locked in the wingery with the others and escapes to the NightWing tunnel where they find Icicle. Kinkajou tackles her to the ground out of rage saying that nobody was going to kill her Queen. Icicle was reaching to kill her and Glory tranquilizes Icicle.

When they go out looking for Scarlet after Icicle was dreamvisited, they meet Squid and Riptide, two SeaWings from the Talons of Peace, by a river. They look at the drawing and Riptide summons two SkyWings, Avalanche and Pyrite. Avalanche seems like she wants to rip off Qibli's tail barb. Pyrite claims to know where it is when they mention that they are looking for Scarlet. That's also when Winter makes an observation that Qibli has feelings for Moon and wonders if his own feelings are as obviously shown as his.

When they find the mountain Moon saw in the dream, they take a short rest. Winter is dreamvisited by Scarlet, which means she is spying on them. They look around and find a shredded camp and one of Scarlet's scales, and they discover she herself had been there. They started looking until they found a cave, and while Kinkajou and Pyrite are still sleeping, they sneak up on Scarlet and her companion and overhear her yelling at her companion and orders him to bring Pyrite to her. When they get back to camp, Winter confronts Pyrite and she attacks him, Qibli fights her while Winter and Moon fight Scarlet's companion. Qibli pins Pyrite to the ground and Winter tears off the necklace that she had previously refused to remove. Qibli jumps back at the sight of her scales falling off to reveal Hailstorm. However, Kinkajou is severely injured by Ex-Queen Scarlet's NightWing companion.

When they get to the town of Possibility so that they can take Kinkajou to the hospital, Winter gets worried about Hailstorm's confusion and decides to wear the necklace so he can know what Hailstorm is going through, but before he can do so, Qibli tears off number four of the conditions. When Winter puts the necklace on he turns into Pyrite, and Qibli asks him if he could have the necklace back, so Pyrite gives it to him and Winter appears again. Winter decides to go back to the Ice Kingdom, and Qibli tries to reason with him, but Winter ignores him, and Qibli gives him a week to come back to them. When Winter is leaving, Qibli calls out, "Don't be a stranger!"

Escaping Peril Edit

Qibli flies above Peril and Turtle when he heals himself in the river. They greet each other when they meet. Qibli is suspicious of Peril and says to Moon, after Moon told Peril Qibli is "probably the smartest dragon in Pyrria", and had already come up with five ways to kill her by now, Qibli states that he had only come up with three so far. Qibli points out to Peril that she still refers to Scarlet as 'the Queen.'

When Peril burns Winter while trying to dive away, Qibli, Moonwatcher, and Turtle land below the arch and gather around Winter. Qibli frantically tries to think of a way to heal Winter, stating that he could breathe frost breath onto his scales and mentioning that there was no cactus sap that heals burns. Qibli gets pushed aside by Turtle as he works with his animus-touched river stone. He asks why Turtle has "a magic healing rock". He quickly figures it out and exclaims that Turtle must be an animus.

Later, he says that Winter running into Peril looked like a fight when Peril tries to convince the group it was an accident. Qibli notes that Winter left pretty firmly and questions why he gets a vote on stating that Peril was the target of the Jade Mountain Prophecy.

When they get the scroll from Chameleon, Winter and Qibli get into a fight on how to use it, which causes Peril to burn the scroll and to unintentionally free Darkstalker.

Talons of Power Edit

Qibli first appears exactly where he left off in Escaping Peril, watching Darkstalker emerge from the mountain. He quickly notices that Darkstalker is ignoring Turtle. He then asks Winter if he is alright when Winter suddenly forgives Darkstalker easily. When they are leaving to go hunting, he gives Turtle a meaningful look and then signals him to warn the school.

Later, he tells Peril to just go through with talking to Clay instead of worrying about it and asks Turtle if he is like that around Moon. He immediately says "never mind" to Turtle and tells Turtle that he doesn't know yet if Darkstalker is evil, and Turtle should keep a lookout. When Turtle goes to see Winter and Qibli, Qibli mentions again how odd it is for Winter to act this forgiving. After Winter storms out, Qibli reluctantly asks Turtle if Turtle can make him an animus, but immediately dismisses it when he sees Turtles reaction and instead asks for a spell on his earring that would shield him from all of Darkstalker's enchantments. Turtle does, and when Qibli tries it on he mentions that he feels more connected to himself, proving that Darkstalker made an enchantment that made everyone like and trust him. When Darkstalker comes, knowing that a spell had been cast, he asks Qibli if Anemone had passed by. When Qibli said he didn't think she had but says that she might have, he realizes Darkstalker could sense animus spells. Darkstalker asked Qibli to tell his history scroll to roll up to test his animus powers, which obviously failed. Darkstalker informs Qibli that he would make a formidable animus if he had been born that way.

When Turtle plans to follow Darkstalker and Anemone to the Rainforest Kingdom, Turtle gives him one of his enchanted slates. These slates were enchanted so that when Turtle got a writing idea, he would write it on one slate and the writing would appear on the other. After Turtle leaves, Qibli isn't shown in the rest of the book, but Turtle sends him messages several times. However, at the end Turtle tells Anemone to go find Qibli for help when Darkstalker summons all the animus dragons from Pyrrhia.

Darkness of Dragons Edit

Qibli watches Darkstalker leave with the NightWing students, Turtle, Anemone, and Moonwatcher (Moon).

In a flashback, Cobra snaps at Qibli that he'll never amount much and she discourages him from trying to be a hero, as he would only fail. Thorn wordlessly takes Qibli away from his home and into cities unknown to him. She asks him what he did to a spiny mouse, as he sets the mouse free. Thorn says she expected he had rescued it and compliments him on his cleverness, saying his skills are what she wants in her group.

Qibli thinks about how after that day, Thorn had his complete trust and he would do anything for her. Now he thinks of Moon all the time, wondering if she would ever love him back with the same hopefulness he used to show toward Cobra. He flies up to Winter, who is tragically watching Moon fly away with Darkstalker and his followers. Qibli notes how Moon would always choose Winter and his beautiful scales and heroic, haughty personality over Qibli. He claims that he's watching the sunset and Qibli sarcastically responds that the sunset is the only thing interesting out there. Winter says that once Moon comes back with the others, everything will be normal again but Qibli disagrees, asking how things could be normal if Winter came back to school after faking death to his tribe. Winter says he never planned on going back to the school, and Qibli realizes he did it for Moon because she wanted him to. Qibli decides that he needs to break the supposed spell that Darkstalker cast on Winter, for his sake and for Moon's, but he wonders how. Qibli then thoughts of duplicating his enchanted earring using Turtle's duplicating bowl. Peril comes, and with her, he figures out how to use the bowl. With his new enchanted earrings, Qibli tries to give one to Winter, but Winter was clear he would not put anything magic on him after what happened to Hailstorm. Qibli scolds himself for not guessing Winter would be a "stupid donkey" Qibli gives enchanted earring to the staff and extra for Tsunami to give to Glory.

More flying in soon!

Family Tree Edit




Qibli's mother is Cobra who has diamond snake patterns down her back like Blister, an unnamed father, one brother, and one sister. In one of his memories, his brother and sister are threatening him with their tails just to steal his talonful of dates. In one of Moon's visions, he is seen with his brother and sister and an elderly male SandWing, that SandWing being his grandfather Vulture. Qibli says, "Where is she?", possibly referring to his mother, Ostrich, Moonwatcher, or Thorn during this confrontation.Just before this, he says that he is happy that he won't see any of his family ever again. His brother and sister, Sirocco and Rattlesnake, are in the vision, and they are wearing golden medallions decorated with birds. Dragons adorned with similar jewelry are seen in Escaping Peril in Possibility, arguing over the price of dragonflame cacti. This symbol is also seen decorating the dragons in black hoods at the end of Talons of Power. Lastly, it is the jewelry seen on Vulture's recruited henchmen, his so-called "Talons of Power", who wear the medallions symbolizing their loyalty to Vulture.

Cobra Edit

As his mother, Cobra didn't care about Qibli or his siblings. Qibli tried to be smarter and faster to get his mother to notice him. He would stay up all night, waiting for his mother to look at him with a look of love when he was sleeping: she never did. His siblings realized this a lot sooner than Qibli and pushed him around a lot. They didn't care about Cobra. After being imprisoned by her own father, Vulture, in Darkness of Dragons, she helped Qibli to escape her father's stronghold. She refrained from calling him lizard and showed the first bits of affection towards Qibli. However, this turns out to be a trap to kill Queen Thorn so Onyx could become queen but is stopped by Qibli's memories of her unusual behavior. She warns Qibli that Vulture will get what he wants, and is placed in a SandWing prison under the palace.

Vulture Edit

Vulture had despised Qibli especially among his siblings. When Qibli came back to Vulture's stronghold to look for Cobra, Vulture tried to persuade him to feed him all of Thorn's secrets. Although Qibli managed to escape, they encountered each other again, as Vulture was working under Darkstalker in order to become king of the SandWings. Darkstalker later used Vulture as an example to show Qibli how he could manipulate dragons' feelings toward him as an animus. Darkstalker then turns Vulture's personality to that of a newborn dragonet's. Qibli is horrified at how unnatural Vulture became, and this is partially the reason Qibli said no to Darkstalker's offer of animus magic.


Qibli sees Thorn as his leader and mother, having served her and the Outclaws his entire life since he was 3 years old. He is extremely loyal to her, protecting her during battles and even refused to leave her side when Thorn wanted to talk in private with Sunny. It was also mentioned by him that Thorn saved him from his birth mother, who didn't take good care of him. Cobra sold him to Thorn, and she was the first to compliment him. She didn't know it, but she won Qibli's loyalty and respect and love forever at that time. Sunny has asked if Qibli was Thorn's son before, as they share some common features.


Moon is Qibli's crush, and, by the end of Darkness of Dragons, his girlfriend. In Moon Rising, Qibli and Moonwatcher are put into the same winglet; he quickly becomes one of her best friends. Qibli is very intelligent and observant, shown by his thoughts that Moon has heard. He is a bit wary of her at first, but however, he thinks she's pretty and constantly wonders what he should do to make Moon like him better. Because of his instinct to protect, he frequently defends her. He turns out to also be a bit insecure about her "gift" to read minds, worrying that she'll think he's a cruel dragon or that he'll reveal secrets that he shouldn't. In the end, he puts aside how uncomfortable he is with it and helps her figure out who set off the bomb with the use of her powers. It is stated in Winter Turning that Qibli wants to be more than friends with Moon. In Talons of Power, Qibli is shown to care and worry for Moon, asking Turtle about how she was. Also, he wonders if he behaves around Moon the same way Peril behaves around Clay, one of the first major hints that he likes his NightWing friend. In Darkness of Dragons, he loves her quite a lot and always thinks about her, worrying about her safety and wishing to follow her to the rainforest. Yet, Qibli wonders if Winter or himself is worthy of her, and doubts himself, wondering if he's more like the "goofy friend" than a romantic partner. He concludes Moon deserves someone like Winter rather than him but ends up being wrong, and in the end of Darkness of Dragons, Moon chooses Qibli over Winter.


Qibli and Winter have a bit of a rivalry -- as Qibli (quite often) likes to annoy him -- however, he still wants to be Winter's friend. Their rivalry could also be about the fact that they both have strong feelings for Moonwatcher, but this is unlikely since even before they were introduced to Moon, Qibli still annoyed him in a deliberate, yet friendly way. Winter states that Qibli's constant, clever observations annoy him several times a day. Qibli thinks to himself that Winter is a friend, but doesn't know if the feelings are reciprocated. Qibli sometimes thinks of himself worse compared to Winter because Winter is the heroic handsome dragon, while Qibli makes weird faces when he tries to copy Winter. He thinks Moon deserves Winter compared to him because he gave up so much for her. However, in the end, Moon chooses Qibli over Winter.

Kinkajou Edit

It was shown in Moon Rising that Qibli tried to get Kinkajou to like him, as he does almost every dragon. They end up being strong friends, and when Kinkajou falls into her coma, he worries about her the way a loyal friend would.

Quotes Edit

"I'm not leaving you alone with a stranger. All prophecy-like or not." - To Thorn about Sunny.

"Ha! Moons, no. She saved me from my mother. Besides, the way I understand it, there's only ever been one egg for Thorn, and that's you- if you are who you say you are." - To Sunny after she asked if Thorn was his mother.

"You're better off. Mine are a pair of dung-snorting hippo-heads who'd rather stab me with their tails than share so much as a fig with me. Jokes on them, now that I'm an Outclaw. And you better not be messing with Thorn either. There's plenty of Outclaws lined up behind me who'll make you sorry if you are." -To Sunny about his siblings and Thorn.

"Would you really eat a hairy spider anyway?"

"Hey igloo face, that's not cool." -To Winter

This is awkward. But we don’t have time for epic family sagas right now. The NightWing army is on its way here.” -To IceWings

"I didn't trust that Smolder dragon. I knew there'd be trouble! Didn't I say so? Can't trust a royal, that's what I always say." - To Thorn about Smolder

"Are you falling asleep in the middle of my fascinating explanation?" - To Sunny

"No one is getting sliced up or frozen and snapped apart. What is wrong with you? Did you even try just asking nicely? " - To Winter in Jade Mountain Academy.

"Hey. I'm the idiot clawmate, although most dragons call me Qibli. My intimidating acquaintance here is Winter. What's your name?" - To Moonwatcher, when introducing himself

"Winter, you need to seriously cool down! Get it? Because he's an IceWing? I know, I'm hilarious."

"See, I'm your destiny." - To Winter.

"I'm probably wrong, but I think my clawmate just made a joke. Is that possible?" - To Moonwatcher about Winter

"Camel farts. They all seemed like perfect suspects." - To Moonwatcher when trying to find the culprit of the history cave fire

"What's with you and faces? You should try threatening someone's elbows or ankles once in a while, just for a change of pace." - To Winter in the rainforest about his habit of threatening to slice dragons' faces off.

"Nice. Not the face this time. Very creative." - To Winter after he threatens to rip Squid's tail off and beat him with it

"So your not-igloos don't look like this? - To Winter

"If you ever get stabbed by my tail, I promise it won't be by accident." - To Winter

"We would never allow such higgeldy-piggeldy shenanigans in the Ice Kingdom." - When pretending to be Winter as Kinkajou and Moon race

"Oh, awesome logic! You're royalty, so you've always had power, so you should get any new power that comes along?" - To Winter, when they fight over the scroll in Escaping Peril

"Winter, do you have a part of your brain that can handle empathy?" - To Winter

"Always a way."

"Moon, sometimes you're so busy listening to what dragons are thinking, you miss the things they're actually doing. Which can tell you a lot more about what they're really like."

"I'm not entirely sure why Scarlet's Dancing Monkey of Fiery Doom gets to be on that list, frankly." - About Peril after Moon tells her about her powers

"Would anyone else like to make a dramatic confession? Who else is hiding powers? Winter, anything we should know? A special IceWing ability to kill dragons with a sneer?" - When Turtle reveals he's an animus

"You were really mean to Moon and you didn't even apologize!" - To Winter when he arrived at Possibility

"Make bananas. Absolutely terrifying. Run for your life. " - Talking about Mightyclaws' new power.

"Three moons, just go talk to him, you unexpected flutterhead." - To Peril, about talking to Clay.

"Oh, yeah, me too, absolutely nothing else interesting happening out here. Nope. Excellent sunrise, that's it." -sarcastically to Winter about watching Moon.

"Do your magic! Be magic! Do a magical magic thing! Double the stuff! Make yourself two! Twice the thing! Oh, that's it! Twice as much, twice as much!"- to Turtle's magic doubling bowl

"Let me do all the talking" - To Winter

"We'll probably end up married one day." - jokingly to Cobra about Winter.

"You called me your friend! You DO adore me! Life goals: accomplished." -To Winter, after he apologizes.

"To fulfill the prophecy! To save the world!" -To Winter, with Anemone.

"Winter thinks the mountains are going to eat him."-When Winter tells him about Darkstalker's Teeth

"Seriously? SERIOUSLY? A mountain range called Darkstalker's Teeth, and you never thought maybe the Old Night Kingdom was on the other side?"

"The mountains only eat IceWings." -About Darkstalker's Teeth to Anemone

"Such as the fact that he killed his father; the fact that his seer girlfriend thought he was so dangerous he had to be hidden under a mountain for all eternity; he can enchant dragons to do anything he tells them to, or turn them into other dragons entirely if he wants; the fact that he just tried to kill the entire IceWing tribe with magic; and the fact that he's so charming and sincere that smart dragons tend to like him even when they're no enchanted to; Also, I'm not sure there's anyone who can stop him. I'm not sure there's anyone he cares about enough that he'd listen to them-or anyone who's willing to try."- About Darkstalker to Foeslayer

"There are lots of loyal Outclaws. Lots and lots and lots and lots of dragons who think Queen Thorn is awesome because she is." Stalling in Vulture's home when pretending to reveal Thorn's secrets in a scroll

"And then there's the palace, which used to be Burn's stronghold, which is, whoa, so big, like, really big, like, just the biggest, definitely not an easy place to break into, I mean, with the walls... and the bigness... " Stalling in Vulture's home when pretending to reveal Thorn's secrets in a scroll

Trivia Edit

  • Qibli is roughly based on Tui's son, though Tui said the dragon that resembles her son the most is Cliff.
  • Qibli appears to think of himself as Queen Thorn's bodyguard.
  • Qibli is the alternate name for the desert wind Sirocco, which happens to be the name of his brother.
    • Sirocco is seen to be rather uncaring and unobservant, unlike Qibli.
  • He is the first full SandWing PoV to be featured in the main series and the 2nd SandWing PoV overall.
  • On the cover of Darkness of Dragons, the scar across Qibli's snout is not visible.
  • Qibli is in love with Moon.
  • His mind is shown to be quick thinking and brilliant in Moon Rising. However, Darkstalker told Moon that he is more insecure because of this.
  • In Talons of Power, Darkstalker hints that there are timelines showing Moon getting together with either Qibli or Winter.
  • Qibli states that whenever he tries to make Winter's heroic, dashing faces in the mirror, he looks like he is trying to suck bits of scorpion out of his teeth.
  • There is a vision that Moon had in Moon Rising of him yelling "Where is she?" at his siblings and an older male SandWing (Vulture) that happened in Darkness of Dragons.
  • Qibli mentions in Darkness of Dragons that his mother, Cobra, gave him his scar that is present on his snout.
  • Qibli has been stated to have "terrible fashion sense" by Winter, and Qibli himself has described his earring(s) as "hideous." It has also been suggested that his earring looks less-than-glamorous by several other dragons.
    • However, it is possible that they could be joking, or just because his earring only goes well on Qibli due to his yellow scales.
  • It is suggested in "Darkness of Dragons" that Qibli isn't particularly excited about scrolls.
  • It is still unknown who Qibli's father is.
  • Qibli had stated that he didn't want Queen Thorn to die in a ball of blue fire in Darkness of Dragons, This could mean he was referencing of how Sandwing Fire is blue, but Tui has not confirmed this.




Qibli by Quartz of the Icewings

Fan ArtEdit

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