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"I will lead my tribe to safety."
—Queen Battlewinner

Queen Battlewinner was the last queen of the NightWings who was an actual NightWing. The name "Battlewinner" most likely refers to her ability to fight, or military strategy. Her name is written as "a closely guarded secret" in A NightWing Guide to the Dragons of Pyrrhia because the NightWings did not want to be questioned about their mysteriously hidden queen. An IceWing blasted the inside of Battlewinner's mouth with icy frost-breath, but she managed to delay her inevitable demise by submerging herself in a cauldron of lava in the volcano the NightWings lived in. She eventually froze to death at the end of The Dark Secret while trying to attack Starflight and Glory.



Possibly, after the initial eruption of the NightWings' volcano, Battlewinner led expeditions for a new home for her tribe. During one such venture, she was attacked by an IceWing. This may have been because of the tribes' bitter rivalry. She escaped alive, but the IceWing blasted her in the mouth with its frostbreath, which should have frozen Battlewinner from the inside out. The only reason that she didn't die immediately was her ability to breathe fire; her internal fire reservoir counteracted the ice long enough for her to fly back to her tribe. In desperation, she dove into a lava pool, hoping to die, but instead it created a balance that prevented the ice from killing her. However, this left her unable to ever leave the lava without the ice completely encasing her body and becoming an ice statue.

To prevent other dragons from learning of her weakness, Battlewinner had a hidden room created behind the NightWings' council chamber and lived in a cauldron filled with lava as big as two Morrowseers. This way, she could watch her tribe and make her image more mysterious and powerful. When she "speaks", she uses her daughter, Princess Greatness, as a voice.

The Dragonet Prophecy

She had only been mentioned, not by name, when Queen Scarlet spoke to Morrowseer, suggesting that the NightWing queen should come discuss the matter of Starflight with her. Morrowseer then hissed and told her not to anger the NightWings. Morrowseer and Battlewinner, the authors of the prophecy, had written the prophecy so that the NightWings could join the war. The part saying "Darkness will rise to bring the light" refers to the NightWings winning the war and taking over, which they personally see as the only meaningful line.

The Hidden Kingdom

Though she does not physically appear, she is mentioned by name for the first time by the NightWings that captured Glory.

The Dark Secret

Starflight and Fatespeaker crept into Battlewinner's private chamber from behind a map and found that she lived in a cauldron of lava. After Starflight burst out about the scientific impossibility of surviving these conditions, the queen explained more about her reasons for keeping herself hidden. Starflight said that he could hear the ice breaking as she tried to talk. She was planning to wage war on the RainWings in lava-filled armor designed by Mastermind so she could lead the battle. However, she attempted to attack Starflight and Glory, and the balance between fire and ice in her body tipped when she got out of the lava. Despite Mastermind's efforts to save her using the special armor, Battlewinner froze to death within a matter of seconds.

After her death, almost all of the NightWings swore loyalty to Glory as they passed through the animus tunnel to safety from the erupting volcano, and Glory became the first queen to rule two tribes.


Battlewinner looks like a typical NightWing, with black scales that gleamed like polished ebony, but due to the ice inside her body, her eyes are tinged with blue, creating a supernatural effect. The entire inside of her mouth, down the walls of her throat, and presumably all her internal organs are either covered by or are ice. Starflight remarked that her teeth "looked more like icicles than fangs". Due to the ice inside her body, there is a thin layer of shimmering frost on her black tongue. If she stays outside of the lava for too long, frost begins to encase her entire body. Battlewinner is said to be massive, described to be as big as Morrowseer, with heavy shoulders. The fact that she lives in lava and her big stature makes her even more intimidating. She has a battle-scarred snout, and her voice was hard to hear - creaky and quiet and rough and eerie, like claws scraping on ice several caves away.

Family Tree

Queen Vigilance
Several Sons and Daughters
Several Generations
Queen Battlewinner
Princess Greatness


  • Queen Battlewinner is one of the four queens whose death has been shown in the series, along with Oasis; Oasis died about twenty years before the events of the series, but the events that led to her death are stated in the prologue of The Brightest Night, Queen Scarlet who was defeated and killed in a challenge for the throne by her daughter Ruby/Tourmaline in Escaping Peril, and Queen Glacier that died in the epilogue of Talons of Power.
  • Queen Battlewinner was the first queen to die in the series.
  • A theory explains that Battlewinner may have been the dead corpse in the tunnel, though others believe it's Morrowseer.


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