"How about a trail of cow parts, too? And a map of where we're going? Or perhaps we could set this part of the forest on fire, just to make sure everyone knows how to find us. Would you like me to spell out 'DRAGONETS WUZ HERE' in giant rocks?"
—Glory in The Lost Heir to Tsunami

Glory is a young female RainWing who was the last-minute replacement for the SkyWing Dragonet of Destiny, due to the original egg being smashed by Princess Burn in the prologue of The Dragonet Prophecy. The egg was killed alongside its carrier, an IceWing by the name of Hvitur. After the events of The Hidden Kingdom and The Dark Secret, Glory became the queen of both the RainWings and the NightWings after being deemed victorious in the RainWing throne challenge battle. In Talons of Power, however, she lost most of her NightWing subjects to Darkstalker, but gained them back at the end of Darkness of Dragons. She is currently in a relationship with Deathbringer, who is a former NightWing assassin.


Glory has emerald-green eyes and no apparent scars on her body. She seems to prefer a red-orange color around her frill and on the undersides of her wings. However, these colors change consistently due to her tribe's natural scale-changing tendencies. Despite having her emotions portrayed through the colors of her scales, Glory dislikes it when other dragons read her that way. She often attempts to bottle up her inner feelings by keeping her scales a neutral color that usually displays tranquility or calmness, and she has a prickly mental shield around her mind as well, even though she isn't purposefully trying to hide her thoughts from anyone, as mentioned by Moonwatcher. It is hard for mind readers to read her mind because of that.


The Dragonet ProphecyEdit

When Burn smashed the original prophesied SkyWing egg and brutally killed its carried, Hvitur, in the Prologue of The Dragonet Prophecy, Glory's egg was stolen from the Rainforest Kingdom as a last-minute replacement for the SkyWing dragonet by a SeaWing minder named Webs. Even though Dune and Kestrel disagreed that a RainWing would be fit for the Prophecy, Glory was raised under the mountain with the other four Dragonets of Destiny - ClayTsunamiStarflight and Sunny. Even so, Glory was constantly bullied by the guardians, mostly consisting of Kestrel and Dune taunting her with the phrase "lazy RainWing" in one context or another. Whenever the two guardians were frustrated or angry, they would also often physically take out their negative emotion on Glory, and although Webs never joined in on the teasing, he never tried to stop the other two from doing as they pleased. Glory trained and studied harder than any of her friends, but there was never any change in the way that they treated her.


Glory camouflaging to hide from the guardians

When a menacing NightWing named Morrowseer arrived under the mountain a few years later, he was disgusted that the minders had replaced the SkyWing egg with a RainWing egg. Later that evening, he conferenced with the three minders and gave them orders to have Glory dead before morning, assuring them that he would find them a proper SkyWing in replacement. Kestrel was the first to volunteer to murder Glory, as she had never cared for her and the other two guardians refused to kill her themselves. Tsunami was chained up to prevent interference with Glory's death, as the guardians knew she would fight for Glory's life, so instead the dragonets formed a plan to escape. Glory was hesitant about Clay's plan to save her, but he went through with it anyway on her behalf.


Glory as Queen Scarlet's "art"

After a few events that had led to the dragonet's capture, they were taken to the SkyWing Palace, where Glory was chained to a marble tree and kept as Queen Scarlet's "art" as beautiful colors swirled along her scales constantly. The SkyWing Queen then began to host Glory on her royal pavilion during the arena battles. Queen Scarlet, when Burn came to visit a few weeks later, bragged to Burn that she was probably the only queen with her "very own RainWing." and Burn looked envious, although her words proved otherwise, stating Glory was a "waste of food." When Fjord the IceWing was moments away from killing Clay in the arena, Tsunami attempted to jump off the prison towers to save Clay, and distracted everyone while Glory shot venom on Fjord's face that spread into his neck wound, poisoning him and soon after causing his demise. This was the first time anyone had seen RainWing venom in a long time, although they didn't exactly know what it was, even Clay himself. He had assumed Scarlet had gotten the poison from somewhere in her royal treasury and had cheated during the gladiatorial fight.


Glory attacking Burn with her venom

When Clay was fighting the SkyWing Peril in the arena in the tradition of the Champion's Shield, Glory shot the venom at Queen Scarlet, melting the left side of her face and causing the SkyWings to flee in panic while Peril helped the Dragonets of Destiny escape.

When Clay requested to free Kestrel from the prison Scarlet had her locked away in when the dragonets were captured, Glory objected, attempting to remind the others about how Kestrel had wanted to kill her only days earlier. Afterwards, when Clay wondered if Peril was their Wings Of Fire; in other words, their missing SkyWing dragonet, Glory felt unwanted and formed a plan with Tsunami to test how far the other dragonet's loyalty really ran. When the dragonets were travelling to the Mud Kingdom together to meet Clay's family, Glory and Tsunami tested this theory on Clay. Tsunami had argued that he had hurt Glory's feelings by wanting to cast her out and replace her with the first SkyWing they saw. Afterwards, Clay frantically objected and insisted they travel to the Rainforest Kingdom at that moment to retrieve her, in which Glory realized none of her friends would ever want her to leave.


Glory joining Clay on his journey through the Mud Kingdom

While Clay traveled to the Mud Kingdom, Glory, disguised as a MudWing, went along with him to try to find his parents. They found out that Clay's mother didn't care about him and had traded his egg for " at least two cows," as Cattail had stated, so the two began their leave. On the way out, Clay then accidentally met his siblings, who explained to them all about the MudWing customs, and how he should have been their bigwings. Clay refused taking this leading position in his siblings' group because he didn't want to take Reed's place, and he needed to stay with his friends to stop the war. Glory also stated that he was the Dragonets of Destiny's bigwings, so Clay's siblings couldn't have him.

Glory was also present when Starflight was dropped off by Morrowseer, right when Clay was giving his speech about them staying together, and his plan to rescue Starflight. 

Glory then traveled with her friends to the SeaWing Kingdom to meet Tsunami's family.

The Lost HeirEdit

Once the dragonets had arrived at the shores of the SeaWing kingdom, they were all startled to see a SkyWing patrol scouting the skies. As Glory dug for cover in the sand and proceeded to turn her scales a similar sandy color to match the shore, Tsunami dove into the nearby sea. The first few SkyWings had passed by the dragonets quickly, but there was a guard near the rear who was scanning the area intently and flying more slowly. Tsunami convinced herself that the SkyWing had seen Sunny's tail before she dove into the forest with Starlight for cover, and she saw him open his mouth. She panicked, thinking the SkyWing was going to call out to his comrades for help, and she lunged out of the sea to attack him.

Once she had knocked him unconscious, Clay came over to help her drag the SkyWing to the water's edge. Glory was shocked at Tsunami's actions, and rather angry, arguing that he hadn't seen anything and that he was only yawning when he opened his mouth. During the rest of The Lost Heir, Glory was imprisoned by Queen Coral. Coral had convinced Tsunami that she had only chained her friends up so that the other SeaWings in the palace wouldn't feel uncomfortable with dragons from different tribes roaming freely around her court. The dragonets were then unchained and invited to eat breakfast with the other SeaWings in the palace when Blister arrived. However, the dragonets had angered and irritated Blister, and they were imprisoned once again shortly after the breakfast. Tsunami escaped the palace by taking a risk and freeing her friends before being confronted by Crocodile, whom Glory attacked using her venom.

The poison had gotten into the unfortunate MudWing's eyes, and she is presumed dead. The group then escaped together, only to have their former guardian Webs be stung by Blister during an unexpected SkyWing air attack. The deadly wound had missed his heart, but hit his tail. Tsunami and the other dragonets all thought that the poison would surely kill him if he did not find help. All of the dragonets except Clay and Sunny wanted to abandon Webs after they escaped the SeaWing palace, but the two convinced the rest of their group to help their former guardian afterwards. The pair made good arguments by saying the Rainforest Kingdom was nearby, and Glory surely wanted to see her home at last. They also stated the RainWings may have healers that could help Webs.

The Hidden KingdomEdit

Glory is the main protagonist of The Hidden Kingdom and the story is told from her point of view.

The book begins with the six dragonets trudging through the muddy Rainforest Kingdom. While they are walking, Glory is hoping that her tribe will be strong and smart instead of lazy, like the scrolls they had read under the mountain had claimed. Shortly afterwards, the group hears heavy talonsteps, and they make the quick decision to hide. Glory, because of her camouflage scales, is told by Tsunami to hide Webs, but she refuses to come into physical contact with him and hides Sunny instead.

After a tense moment, she whispers to Sunny to stay in her hiding place and sneaks after the patrol. After seeing their thick bodies and brown scales, she assumes the two soldiers are MudWings. Glory sneaks quietly after the patrol to eavesdrop on their conversation, although the pouring rain and natural sounds of the rainforest insects and animals made it hard to hear. However, she did pick up that the MudWings were afraid of a "monster" that was haunting the rainforest. One of the guards stated that there had also had been "screaming" deep in the trees.

The two had hurried on in nervousness, and Glory wasn't able to hear their words or heavy thumping talon steps through the downpour any longer. Curious, she had crept tentatively closer, only to soon be horrified to find the two MudWings' throats brutally ripped out, their blood staining the wet ground. She shakily trailed back to her friends and confessed her terrifying discovery to the others, and after a short argument, she convinced Starflight and the others to continue their journey to the Rainforest Kingdom.

Once they had delved deeper into the rainforest, Sunny realizes that Webs had gone missing. A few moments later, Sunny, Clay, and Tsunami had vanished seemingly out of thin air as well. Glory and Starlight then dove under a low-growing plant, and after a tense moment, Glory decides to confront these "attackers." Quickly growing angry, she demands that the mysterious dragons show themselves. She was then shocked to discover that a few of the RainWing tribe members had shot the other four dragonets with tranquilizer darts while they were were using their scales to camouflage themselves. After an angry questioning from Glory, the RainWings explained that knocking out visitors was an exciting game among the peaceful tribe -- and it made hostile dragons easier to talk to.

After the conversation, Glory and Starflight agreed to follow the colorful group into the RainWing Village. When Glory saw most of her tribe sleeping on the numerous hammocks and leaf platforms, she stumbled upon a female RainWing named Liana. Glory asked her why the tribe was behaving so strangely. Liana explained that this was called suntime, an hour-long period around midday when the sun is at it's highest, in which the RainWings would sleep underneath the sun's rays in order to recharge their scales while making them happier, smarter, and more beautiful. However, Glory declines participating in the suntime; she both wanted to find her parents and prove to her friends that RainWings weren't as lazy as everyone thought. While searching, though, she is interrupted by a pink, brightly colored RainWing named Jambu.

Jamba tried to explain, but he cut himself off in the middle of his sentence; he thought it would be easier to just show Glory what he meant. After following Jambu to three big round structures, he explained that all of the RainWing eggs are hatched together in one of the three hatcheries, and then raised by the whole of the tribe together, so Glory's parents most likely didn't know or care that her egg is missing. After a disgruntled minute, Glory chose not to confess the disappointing news to her friends. She thought that she didn't need their pity and was embarrassed that the RainWings were so lazy that they didn't even count their own eggs. Glory asks Jambu about dragons who wanted to have eggs together; how would you know you were related to someone? Jambu explains that the RainWings have a method called the "venom test," where two RainWings spit their venom atop one another's. If the venom continues to sizzle and melt normally, the dragons are not related. However, if venom from one dragon stops another's from melting, they are related.

Jambu suggests trying the venom test to Glory. She agrees, and they perform the test. Surprisingly, Jambu's venom contracted Glory's, meaning they are related. Delighted, Jambu explains that he is most likely Glory's half-brother due to their age difference. Glory learned from her brother that, on top of the RainWings having no families and not counting their eggs, they did not know how to read or write, and spent most of their hours sleeping, eating, or playing silly games. Glory travels to the Queen's Hut, a place where the monthly Queen listens to questions and answers them. After speaking with the current Queen, Glory learns from another RainWing named Mangrove that at least 12 tribe members had gone mysteriously missing, including his mate. Glory sets off to figure out why with Jambu's assistance.

In doing so, Glory and her friends find a tunnel created by an animus dragon hidden in the upper section of a mahogany tree trunk after searching around the rainforest. The tunnel is described as feeling 'wrong', and not many dragons or animals ever willingly go near it. Glory starts for the tunnel entrance, but Starlight pulls her back and convinces her to wait until morning, where they can get a rope and natural sunlight, as it is darkening towards nighttime. Glory hesitantly agrees, but insists on spending the night looped around a tree near the tunnel with Clay. Sometime near midnight, the two hear a crashing through the forest and heavy, snuffly breathing. The young RainWing and MudWing didn't see anything in the darkness; however, the decaying sloth they had found earlier near the pond was gone, and only a few scraps of gray fur had remained.

Once Clay and the other two dragonets returned with a rope made of vines in the morning, they discuss their plan. Glory and Clay were to go through the tunnel first with the rope tied around each of their shoulders, and if they tugged three times, they were in trouble and needed to be pulled out of the tunnel immediately. They agree, and after Clay pushes his head through the sand into the harsh sunlight, Glory realizes that the tunnel leads to the SandWing Kingdom. After glancing around, she is also terrified to learn that Burn's Stronghold is only a few miles away. She pulls Clay back into the darkness of the tunnel, and after returning to the Rainforest, they discuss what they had seen with the other dragonets.

However, while they were conferencing, Mangrove darts through the tunnel without warning. Frustrated, Glory assumes he has gone in search of his mate, Orchid. Glory decides it's not safe for a solitary RainWing in the desert, especially so close to Burn's territory, and convinces the group to go after him. After scouting the desert, she assumes he has probably gone deeper into IceWing territory. After traveling a little farther into this territory themselves, the dragonets spot a fortress with smoke coming out of a chimney near the rooftop. After Glory searches the tundra more closely, she is shocked to find a NightWing settling down to sleep in the snow.

Suspicious, Glory camouflages herself as an IceWing and confronts him. He explains that his name is Deathbringer, and that he has "special NightWing business" that he can't share with her. Deciding to confide in her friends, Glory bids Deathbringer a hasty farwell and flies quickly back to them. After speaking with them and warning them to be cautious about any stray NightWings, she takes Jambu to go investigate the fortress.

After scouting the fortress, they conclude there is no way to enter except the single door near the back. Glory makes a plan with Jambu to be disguised as two IceWings named Penguin and Storm sent to the fortress by Queen Glacier. They wait until an IceWing guard looks out the door, claiming he "heard something," but was dismissed by another guard. The two RainWings speak to the cautious IceWing, claiming they were "here to see Blaze." They were quite startled when the guard offered to take them to speak to Blaze right away, as they had no idea that Blaze stayed in her fortress all of the time.

After speaking with Blaze, they had to make up some version of the truth to prevent them from being captured and imprisoned once again. Glory told the SandWing Princess that the Dragonets of Destiny had wanted to see her, but they were not willing to come inside the fortress and Blaze had to go outside to meet them. After a bit of a debate, Blaze reluctantly agrees, taking a camelskin blanket and throwing it around her shoulders. While Glory distracts Blaze by asking about a tapestry hanging on a fortress wall, Jambu grabs Mangrove, who was hidden and camouflaged in Blaze's room. On the way out, Glory and Jambu also rescue two scavengers from a freezing cage, feeling sorry for the little creatures, who they thought looked like "overgrown, less cute sloths." They dropped the scavengers on the frozen tundra beside the fortress before following Blaze back to the other four.

After a startled beginning, they introduce Blaze. While the pretty SandWing chattered on about how she would be a good candidate for the throne, Deathbringer had silently landed behind them with two throwing stars clutched in his talons. As he flung them, one embedded itself in Blaze's long neck. Tsunami then leapt in front of her, so the throwing star caught the edge of her wing instead of implanting itself in Blaze's body again.

Glory tackled the NightWing, threatening to leave tie him up and wait for the oncoming IceWings that were coming to Blaze's rescue, or giving him the option to fly away as fast as he could away from the dragonets. Deathbringer quickly chose the second option and flapped away as quickly as his wings would carry him. Glory and her friends then lifted off in the same fashion, sprinting back to the tunnel while Glacier and her IceWings tended to Blaze. When they get back to the rainforest, Glory again decides to stay the night in a tree near the tunnel with Tsunami. The pair hear the monster crashing around the Rainforest as Glory did the first night, but a whistling interrupts them.

Surprisingly, it is to the Dragonets are Coming song. The monster, alerted, then retreats into the tunnel. The two crept down the trunk to find that the whistler was in fact Deathbringer. After a bit of a scuffle, they work together to tie Deathbringer up with vines to a tree. Glory orders Tsunami to stay and guard the NightWing- and then she gets a risky idea. Using the information she had gathered, Glory guessed that this monster only attacked solitary RainWings, so she was going to use herself as bait. Once she was in a clearing studded with marks of the black RainWing venom around the foliage, she is knocked down with a blow to the back of her head.

Once she regained her senses, she found herself being dragged along the tunnel. However, it was a different tunnel than she had thought- this tunnel sloped downwards instead of straight like the one to the SandWing Kingdom. After being unceremoniously dumped on the ground, Glory starts trying to tear through the canvas sack she was kidnapped in with her claws and teeth. Alerted, the NightWings hit her in the back of the head again- this time knocking her unconscious. When she awakes, she is greeted by a diamond-shaped snout and curious eyes. The dragon turns out to be another RainWing. Kinkajou, as she introduces herself, explains that there were other RainWings around the NightWing Island kept in similar lava prisons like the one the pair were kept in at that moment.

Most of the RainWings had silver bands camped around their snouts to prevent them from using their venom- however, Kinkajou was an exception, as the NightWings didn't believe her venom was developed properly yet due to her being so young, although she did bear the silver neck bands all of the RainWing prisoners wore to keep them from efficiently camouflaging themselves. The two discussed escape in the short time before three NightWing guards arrived at their prison, carrying a carcass of a long-dead animal Glory guesses that had once been a muskrat. To allow her to eat, a guard carrying a pronged spear opened Glory's snout band and leaped back out of shooting range- but not quickly enough. She venomed the first guard, who lay creaking in pain in their cell, and pushed him down the dark, deep crevice that bordered the back of their cell, convincing Kinkajou he'd be "fine once he remembers he has fire."

The second fled in terror, and as Glory was trying to venom the third, he surprisingly ducked under her attack and managed to pin Glory down. However, Kinkajou then venoms him instead to save her new companion. Glory then tries to get the bands off her wings and talons, but realizes that it's hopeless and that the guards will certainly catch them before she gets them all off. Frantic, Glory realizes she'll never be able to get her wing bands off in time, so there was no escape out of the prison without burning themselves to death by the lava river. She runs over to the injured NightWing and orders him to carry the two trapped RainWings across the lava.

The only response he offers is a pained groan, so Glory threatens to venom him again. However, Deathrbinger and Clay show up just in time to rescue them. Glory is carried on Clay's back, and Kinkajou flies on her own. During their escape, Deathbringer circled around to rejoin his tribe, presumably so he wouldn't be caught helping the RainWings escape and get into trouble. They escape through the hole, and Glory decides to speak to the current RainWing queen, to the RainWing queen, Magnificent, who refuses to do anything to save the RainWing prisoners. Glory realizes she'll never be able to save all eleven of them without an army, so she decides to challenge Magnificent for the throne. Instead of killing her as per normal tribal customs, Glory, Tamarin, Kinkajou, Mangrove, and Jambu go up against the RainWing queens in the RainWing Royal Challenge, testing camouflage, fruit gathering, venom-shooting, tree gliding, and a flower hunt.

However, Kinkajou was injured by Grandeur's venom while saving a sloth during the venom-shooting contest, as the sloth had tumbled down from the treetops right in front of the venom board, and Granduer's venom was already heading towards the board. Kinkajou had leaped in front of the board in its place and pushed the sloth out of harm's way, but her own scales were injured instead. Glory hits the former Queen's venom with her own on Kinkajou's injured wing in a desperate attempt to save her, and accidentally but successfully cancels out the venom. Grandeur forfeits after finding out that Glory was a descendant of the original royal family, knowing that Glory would be a better queen than the current RainWing queens and realizing Kinkajou's bravery and kindness. Glory is officially crowned the RainWing queen at the end of the book, when Clay suddenly appears through the celebrating RainWing tribe and frantically informs Glory that Starflight is gone, possibly to warn the NightWings of their plan to save the RainWing prisoners.

The Dark SecretEdit

It is believed Glory speculated that Starflight left the Rainforest Kingdom to tell the NightWings about her army. Starflight later found a dreamvisitor and visited Glory's dream, telling her that he was kidnapped and also tells her all he knew of the plans of the NightWings. When Starflight (along with Fatespeaker and Flame) return to the Rainforest Kingdom, Glory is overjoyed to see Starflight. After discussing more details about the NightWing's plan, Glory and her RainWings sneak into the Night Kingdom to save the remaining captured RainWings. Sunny and Clay had come up with the idea to use tranquilizer darts to fight the NightWings instead of killing them. After they knocked the tunnel guards out, Glory had flown to Orchid's prison and demonstrated how to free the RainWings from their bindings. She then ordered her tribe to find the other trapped members and free them as well. Glory, Starflight, and Fatespeaker then go to Queen Battlewinner's throne room to talk with her, led by Princess Greatness. While Glory and Battlewinner are arguing, Starflight comes up with the idea of letting the NightWings live in the Rainforest Kingdom as long as they bow to Queen Glory and let her rule over them.

Battlewinner refuses and hurled herself out of the lava, snarling that she would lead her tribe to safety, but, because of her IceWing injury, quickly froze to death as soon as she was out of the burning molten substance. When the ground starts worryingly rumbling and shaking and rivulets of lava start to pour through the crumbling walls, Glory takes Starflight with her to save Deathbringer and former Queen Splendor down in the NightWing dungeons. After they had freed them, they then flew back to the others to tell the NightWings about their plan to allow the NightWings a home in the Rainforest if they accepted Glory as their new queen. The NightWing hastily agreed, and after each of them shouted "Queen Glory!" on their way into the tunnel to the Rainforest. The volcano then violently erupted, leaving Starflight badly injured from the flames and ash and later confirmed to have gone blind.

The Brightest NightEdit

Glory is outraged when she found out her entire life was ruined by Morrowseer. She shouts that she wants to kill him. Later, when Sunny returns, she is relieved but angry, but to happy that her bubbly friend is back to care. She votes on choosing Blister because she was the smartest. Glory also points out that if they're on Blister's side she'll leave them alone. It is believed that Glory bit or scratched or whacked Deathbringer to get to Clay after he was bitten by the Dragonbite Viper. She is one of the dragons who helped Sunny dig up Queen Oasis' Grave to get the treasure buried with her.

Moon Rising Edit

Glory is mentioned but does not make an appearance in this book. It is shown by Moon's mother's reaction that many NightWings think she is too young or unfit to be queen, especially of two tribes.

Winter Turning Edit

She is seen in Winter Turning, first when Winter is taken down by Deathbringer. The dragonets came to warn her about Icicle, who is coming to kill her on Scarlet's orders. She summons a meeting at the Royal Pavilion and a couple of scouts to come along. One tells of a very cold place in the rainforest which Icicle could have visited, and Glory demands to be taken there. Moon and Kinkajou offer to come, and Glory dismisses them, but Winter steps in and gives Moon his permission to come. Glory looks between them and is confused, but lets her go anyway, not realizing that Moon can read minds. When they arrive, they find a NightWing corpse. She tells Deathbringer to identify the body and sends the four dragonets to the Dragonet Wingery for their own safety.

When the group escapes the wingery, Kinkajou left a trail that Glory followed to the old NightWing Island, where she tranquilizes Icicle and brought her to the healer's hut. When everybody is about to leave, Glory issues her orders to Kinkajou and Moon. Glory tells Winter that she used to think that she could accomplish everything on her own without friends, but now she says she wouldn't be here right now if she didn't stick with them.

Escaping PerilEdit

Glory is mentioned when Scarlet throws her supposed head to the front of the crowd, but the head turns out to be an animus enchantment, later confirmed to be the head of an unknown MudWing. Sunny dreamvisits her to confirm this update, but Glory is still alive and well. She does not make a formal appearance in the book, though she is mentioned many times in the first few chapters.

Talons of PowerEdit

Glory appeared when Darkstalker decided to make a visit to the Rainforest. At first ruling over both all of the NightWings and RainWings, Queen Glory was met with a challenge by Darkstalker for being the ruler of the NightWings. Glory proposed that instead of a RainWing challenge or the typical fight-to-the-death challenge that most tribes do, each individual NightWing would decide who their ruler should be. Afterwards, Turtle confronts her and Deathbringer and discovers that she and Deathbringer too are both under Darkstalker's spell as well. Darkstalker informs Glory that five dragons were on their way to kill her, and makes a prison for the rainforest and says they should wait for the assassins in it. When he catches them and imprisons them, Glory says she doesn't completely trust her decision. She appears when Darkstalker takes the NightWings to The Lost City of Night.

Darkness of Dragons Edit

She is mentioned by Sunny, who dreamvisited her. She told Sunny about Darkstalker taking the tribe to the Night Kingdom. Queen Glory is also mentioned by Qibli, as he says that no matter what good decisions she makes, some NightWings will hate her just because she's a RainWing. At the end of the book, she is seen standing over Mightyclaws while he's drawing Hope's house, her scales gold and dark purple. Deathbringer is standing behind her, eyeing the forest fiercely.


Glory is clever and capable in combat. She demonstrated the knowledge of a dragon's anatomy by pressing a bladed disc right to Deathbringer's vital artery and used pressure points to stun a NightWing foe when escaping from the Night Kingdom.

According to Starflight, she also memorized information from scrolls very easily, although not as well as him.

Like all RainWings, she is able to secrete and spit black venom (known by Sunny as 'magical death spit') from two of her longest fangs, as well as change color and camouflage herself. She uses both of these abilities effectively in combat, unlike most other RainWings.

It is mentioned by Moonwatcher that Glory is the best dragon she has met besides Darkstalker at shielding her mind whenever she's uncomfortable. She does the same to her scales to keep her emotions from showing.

Personality Edit

Glory has a fierce personality and is known for her sarcasm. She also is the most outwardly hostile of the dragonets, partially because of the way the guardians treated her and partially because she doesn't get that much sun time. She admits to herself that she is grumpy a lot of the time. That being said, she does have a softer side. Her stubborn yet loyal demeanor has made her rise to the top and became the queen of NightWings and RainWings. However, sometimes her more affectionate side is shown when she talks to Deathbringer.

Family Tree Edit

Queen Anaconda
Several Generations
Ex-Queen Grandeur
Three Unnamed Daughters
Prince Jambu
Queen Glory
Princess Firefly
(Possible Future)


"No way. There's a tree? In the forest?" - Sarcastically to Starflight in The Lost Heir

"Is that an egg? Wow, they work fast in the Kingdom of the Sea."-To Tsunami where she saw she had an egg in The Lost Heir

"I AM GOING TO BITE THAT DRAGON'S HEAD OFF AND STUFF HIM IN A VOLCANO!" - To Tsunami about Morrowseer after Tsunami told Glory in The Brightest Night that Morrowseer made up the prophecy

"LET'S GO BACK AND KILL HIM AGAIN." - When Tsunami tells her about Morrowseer's death in The Brightest Night

"Well, I can think of lots of ways to keep her busy. For one, she can find me someone to yell at. I seriously cannot believe this. If I didn't have to act like a queen right now, rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh." -To Tsunami about Sunny

"It's normal to be scared. I'm scared. You'd have to be crazy not to be— well, crazy or Tsunami, which is basically the same thing. You just have to push that aside and do what you have to anyway." - To Starflight

"The queen can take care of herself. Out of the two dragons in question, the queen happens to be the one with camouflage scales who can shoot venom. What can you do? Sit in the dark, is that it? Guess what, I can do that, too." - Queen Glory making a jab at Deathbringer in The Brightest Night

"He's just trying to make his list look longer than mine."- To Sunny about Deathbringer in The Brightest Night

"I am not. Quit stalking me." - to Deathbringer

"What sort of assassin stalks his prey and whistles at the same time?" - To Deathbringer when she and Tsunami caught him at the tunnel in The Hidden Kingdom

"That is a level of noisy that makes me think you aren't even trying to be stealthy. Come on out." - To Qibli in Winter Turning

"Well, that's great. For the first time in my life, I act as lazy as everyone thinks RainWings are, and you actually believe it. I'm glad my friends have so much faith in me." - After Glory and the dragonets reunite in The Dragonet Prophecy

"I can get my army ready to fly in an hour. Sure. Organizing RainWings, no problem. It's only roughly as hard as getting a hundred butterflies to fly in a straight line."

"So now what? Should we shout 'Hey SeaWings, we've got your missing princess!' and wait for dragons to bound joyfully out of the ocean?" - To Tsunami in The Lost Heir.

"Listen. I used to think I could do everything by myself, too. I didn't want help from anyone. But I wouldn't be here now if it weren't for my friends, and I have a feeling you'll be saying the same thing a year from now." - Queen Glory to Winter about his friends in Winter Turning

"All right, OFF. I am going to replace you as my bodyguard if you seriously can't tell the difference between a male IceWing traveling with my friends Kinkajou and Moonwatcher, and a lone female IceWing out to kill me. Pay a little more attention to detail, Deathbringer. Also, by the way, you're one to talk about killing prophecy dragonets." - To Deathbringer in Winter Turning

"Stop arresting my guests. It's not romantic or heroic, it's annoying. I've told you this before." -To Deathbringer

"Yes, and that certainly helped. Good news: Four of your students have gone off to find a dragon who just tried to kill you, in order to find another dragon who has tried to kill you about ninety dozen times. Oh, excellent, thanks, Turtle. Now we don't have to worry at all. I mean, we were hoping someone would take care of the vengeful and deadly Queen Scarlet for us. Preferably a bunch of five-year-olds. Very reassuring indeed."

"This could have happened-could still happen-to any of you. If you won't go rescue them, who will? They'll be lost forever. I know you'd rather sleep than deal with problems, but these dragons are from your tribe, and they need you. That's why I'm going to take the throne tomorrow. It's not because I want the biggest pieces of fruit or or the highest sun platform. I'm doing this for the missing rainwings and for you, so that you don't have to spend the rest of your lives looking over your shoulders and thinking, our friends are still lost. . .and we could have saved them." Glory to the RainWing tribe about her becoming queen

"Well, lucky you, you're about to find out." -To Crocodile before she shoots venom at her

"There's nothing wrong with that. I'm pretty grumpy most of the time."

"You have ten seconds to take off, or we'll knock you out and leave you for the IceWings to deal with." - To Deathbringer

"So, by the way, I've decided to become queen of the RainWings"

"Aww... Your lectures are even cuter when I can't understand a word of them." - To Clay

“How about a trail of cow parts, too? And a map of where we’re going? Or perhaps we could set this part of the forest on fire, just to make sure everyone knows how to find us. Would you like me to spell out ‘DRAGONETS WUZ HERE’ in giant rocks?” -Glory in The Lost Heir to Tsunami



Clay and Glory have known each other since their hatching, and Clay tried to help Glory and the other dragonets hatch as the bigwings. He liked to bring her pretty things to cheer her up and was very concerned for Glory when he realized the Talons of Peace wanted to kill her. As with the other three dragonets of destiny, she feels a deep bond to him, at one point admitting that she could never have made it under the mountain without him and the others.


Glory was not afraid of the strict SkyWing, but she had always held a deep grudge against her for abusing her and underestimating her greatly. She refused to rescue Kestrel from the Sky Kingdom as Kestrel did want to kill her.

Dune Edit

Much the same with Kestrel, Glory once wanted to have animus powers, so she could enchant his dinner to eat him.


Though he was less strict than Kestrel, she still hated him for stealing her egg and letting Kestrel and Dune abuse her. In The Hidden Kingdom, she refused to camouflage him. She didn't even want to touch him. But as much as she hates him, she doesn't want to kill him for it, even though she said "Well, some of us don't" when it was mentioned that they don't want him to die.


Glory doesn't actually mind Tsunami's bossiness, but she still talks back because she thinks at least someone should stand up to Tsunami to combat her prideful nature. She is always snapping at Tsunami, even when Tsunami clearly isn't in the mood to quarrel. The two squabble occasionally, and are extreme opposites: while Glory waits for the perfect time to strike, Tsunami just rushes into situations and attacks.


In The Hidden Kingdom, Glory decided Sunny was better to touch than Webs, even though she isn't comfortable touching other dragons. Glory was also extremely worried, although she was probably the least worried out of all of Sunny's friends, when Sunny went missing in The Brightest Night and held her talons in hers when she was found. Sunny helped break up arguments between Tsunami and Glory by always making it seem like she was on their sides. As with Clay and the others, Glory feels a strong connection with Sunny.


Glory is often annoyed by his know-it-all personality and rambling. She apparently knew about his crush on Sunny, and thought he should do something about it. She also shows affection to him at rare occasions. She respects his plans, as she followed his idea of diplomacy in The Dark Secret.


When Glory first met Deathbringer, she was disguised as an IceWing. Deathbringer gave her information about his mission and then began to flirt with her. Glory was sarcastic with him, but he liked her even more because of it and helped her escape the NightWing island. The current status is 'more than friends'. In The Dark Secret, Deathbringer described her as beautiful, sarcastic, and fascinating. When Glory is helping him out of the prison, they hold each other's talons and Starflight thinks; "they exchanged a look that said "thank you" and a whole lot more." Adding to that, in The Brightest Night, Glory and Deathbringer are constantly flirting with each other, and Deathbringer even put his wing around Glory, which she allowed. In Winter Turning, Deathbringer is constantly trying to protect Glory and muttering to the queen when she says she doesn't need help. In Escaping Peril, Sunny says "Glory has magical death spit and Deathbringer and a whole army of RainWings who would die for her."

Tui has confirmed that the ship Glorybringer is official.


Glory didn't know she had a brother (half brother), until she met him in the Rainforest Kingdom. Glory was unimpressed with him at first, and thought of him just as ridiculous as the other RainWings. However, Jambu helped her get Blaze to meet the dragonets and nearly beat Exquisite in the tree-gliding competition, one of the five contests that decided who would be queen of the RainWings. He was only stopped by a vine, possibly a bunch of sloths, that wrapped around his neck, and he nearly strangled himself. He appears to be one of her most trusted dragons now, even if he is incompetent. He also makes sure Glory takes her suntime.


The little dragonet met Glory when she was captured by the NightWings. She followed Glory in escaping, and claims that she'd follow Glory anywhere, even when Glory threatens to take the throne by force. She did the venom targeting part of the contest to become queen and was injured by RainWing venom. She is later shown in a dream to see Glory as a big, beautiful queen, crowned and welcoming Kinkajou with open wings, while the other dragons stared at her enviously. Kinkajou sees herself as one of Glory's best friends.


Glory didn't really know Tamarin that well, other than the fact that she was blind. Tamarin seemed confident in front of Glory when she said that maybe she couldn't do the flower challenge, with Kinkajou later stating that Tamarin had the best nose in the whole kingdom. She also felt compassionate about getting Tamarin a better teacher in Jade Mountain Academy.

Turtle Edit

Glory first met Turtle when he confronted her about Darkstalker, and she seemed to be a little suspicious of the latter but seemed to trust him for the most part. This horrified Turtle and he accidentally lost control of his enchanted coral, baffling Glory. She seems to find him a little odd and weird.


  • It has been revealed that Glory is afraid of the dark.
  • Some of the books state that Glory has an extreme distaste of being touched.
  • Glory once had the desire to be an animus as a young dragonet so that she could enchant her guardians' food to eat them, but changed her opinion when she knew the price of using animus magic.
  • She has a pet sloth named Silver, one of the few dragons mentioned to own a pet. Some of the others are Smolder, Winter (for a short period of time), and quite a few other RainWings.
  • She is one of two PoVs to have a pet during her book, the other being Winter.
  • On the cover of The Hidden Kingdom, Glory does not have a strip of wing membrane that the RainWings should have. The spikes going down her back don't go to the tip of her tail either, as shown in the guide.
  • Glory is descended from the original line of RainWing queens, as she did a successful venom test with Grandeur in The Hidden Kingdom.
  • She is the first character in the series shown to challenge a queen for the throne.
  • She is the second known descendant of the original Royal RainWing family (The first being Grandeur).
  • In Moon Rising, Glory is found to throw up an instinctive "shield" around her mind when uncomfortable, doing the same with her scales, to hide her emotions.
  • Glory is the only queen who rules two tribes (the RainWings and NightWings).
  • It was confirmed in a live video chat with Tui T. Sutherland that Glory and Deathbringer are dating.
  • Glory's grouchiness appears to have come from her lack of suntime during her time under the mountain.
  • Glory mentions in The Hidden Kingdom that Scarlet fed her pineapples during her entrapment.
  • Tui was originally going to have Clay have a crush on Glory, then decided it wouldn't work.
  • She is the third known queen to ascend to the throne without killing the previous queen, along with Queen Pearl and Queen Snowfall.
  • Glory might have been named after the flower Morning Glory.
  • It has been revealed by Tui that Glory and Deathbringer are official, making the popular ship, Glorybringer, canon.

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