Queen Glory's Royal Pavilion is a structure that is built halfway between the NightWing and RainWing Villages. It is used for disputes and special announcements between the NightWings and RainWings, as well as greeting visitors to the Rainforest, such as Prince Winter and Princess Icicle, and Qibli.


The Pavilion is built on the branches of a large circle of trees. It rests midway between the forest floor, where the NightWing village is, and the canopy where the RainWings reside. Its roof is made of the large translucent leaves used as windows in the Jade Mountain Academy library. The centre of the pavilion is ornamented by a small dais for Glory, raised only a few inches above the  ground, that serves as a throne there. Instead of jewels or treasure as decoration, there are flowers such as morning glory.

Winter Turning Edit

To welcome Prince Winter and his friends to the rainforest, Queen Glory brings part of the Jade Winglet over to the pavilion where Winter warns her of Icicle, and how dangerous she is. Glory then assembles several RainWing scouts there. Winter silently observes their lack of discipline and thinks of the "perfectly coiled lines that guard Queen Glacier's Palace." He also notices the lack of jewels and lack of a throne. He thinks that it's not very "queenlike." and that "a real queen would have a throne."


  • The pavilion is decorated with morning glory flowers, possibly in favour of their queen.
  • It seems that Silver, Glory's pet sloth, lives in/on the pavilion, probably because Queen Glory visits so often.
  • Queen Glory does not live at the pavilion, and instead resides at the royal treehouse. As Glory was told by a RainWing in The Hidden Kingdom, RainWings "don't do palaces."
  • This is probably because the RainWings were isolated so long that the meaning of jewels as currency is useless to them.


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