"But I'm the queen."
—Queen Lagoon's last words after Albatross slit her throat at the Royal SeaWing Massacre in Darkstalker.

(Not to be confused with Lagoon, Queen Coral's cook who starved the Dragonets of Destiny.)

Queen Lagoon was the sister to Prince Albatross and Princess Sapphire. She was the queen of the SeaWings before Queen Pearl took over. She has been described to have blue wings[1] and wore sapphires that matched her scales.[2] She resented Albatross for maiming their sister, Sapphire, and she forced him and Fathom to use their animus powers for her own benefit. She openly detested any lower-ranking SeaWings, as shown with Indigo. She was the first to be killed by Prince Albatross in The Royal SeaWing Massacre.

Biography Edit

Darkstalker (Legends) Edit

Queen Lagoon ordered a group of two-year-old dragonets to wait on the shoreline for her and Albatross. She then announces to them that she'll be testing them to see if any of them have animus magic. She gets into a brief quarrel with Albatross as to whether the test was necessary, an argument that is cut short when Fathom's coconut hits Albatross in the chest. She was described to have stepped forward to congratulate him in a rather sinister manner. She appears to want his powers for her own plans, not for the Kingdom's.

She later hosts a party to negotiate terms with SkyWings over setting up villages on their borders. She shows the two diplomats, Eagle and Sunset, around whilst waiting to show off Albatross and his power. When Albatross arrives, she scolds him for being late, which he then responds by slitting her throat.

Personality Edit

It appears that both animus SeaWings despise her because she is very controlling and doesn't treat anyone with the respect that they are entitled to. She is said to have ordered Indigo to go deep sea fishing at night because the kitchens were out of her favorite snack. In other words, Queen Lagoon is extremely self-centered, ruthless, power hungry, careless, reckless and will use anybody to get what she wants.

Family TreeEdit

Prince Albatross
Princess Sapphire
Queen Lagoon
King Humpback
Prince Eel
Princess Manta
Prince Reef
Princess Splash
Prince Scallop
Prince Current
Queen Pearl
Prince Fathom

Quotes Edit

"You need to stop wasting your time with that...that low-born purple dragonet." - to Prince Fathom about Indigo.

"Do you think you’re done? Do you think you’ll ever be done atoning for what you did to Sapphire? It’s not going to end, Albatross. You’ll always be mine." - to Albatross.

"But I'm the queen." - Queen Lagoon's last words.

"You. Go find me a drink. Something with pineapple in it." -to Indigo.

Trivia Edit

  • Chronologically, Queen Lagoon is the first known SeaWing queen in Pyrrhia's history.
  • She was the sister of the first known SeaWing animus, Prince Albatross, and the aunt of the second known SeaWing animus, Prince Fathom.
  • Queen Lagoon shares a name with Lagoon Queen Coral’s cook who lied to her about keeping The Dragonets Of Destiny fed.
  • It's possible that Lagoon, along with her sister, are pure-blooded SeaWings since their physical appearance doesn't hint any IceWing heritage, nor do they have animus powers.
    • If this is true, that would make Albatross Lagoon and Sapphire's half-brother.

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References Edit

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