Queen Moorhen's Palace is the palace in which the Queen of the MudWings and her siblings reside. The palace has yet to be visited and described by a character and/or book.

Moon Rising released an updated version of the map of Pyrrhia and included the location of Queen Moorhen's palace. Anemone also stated that she had stayed in Queen Moorhen's palace on the way to Jade Mountain Academy.

Appearance and Location Edit

The palace's location is, as shown in The Hidden Kingdom, a day's flight away from the Rainforest, and is near a large lake. It is near the middle of the kingdom, as Kestrel says the "lowest born MudWings crawl" near the outskirts of the kingdom. The materials used to build the palace are unknown, but it is possibly made out of dried mud like the Delta's sleephouses. It is possible that in The Brightest Night, Sunny saw the MudWing palace when she visited Queen Moorhen's dreams to talk about peace, but this is currently undetermined.

Trivia Edit

  • Queen Moorhen's palace is currently the only palace not to be visited in the Wings of Fire books.
  • The location of the palace was not published on the NightWing Guide to the Dragons of Pyrrhia map until it was updated by Starflight.


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Historical: Queen Crane

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