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"So fight me. I'm not afraid of you. I can win this throne in battle, if that's how you want to do it. Or are you only willing to fight weak and cowering dragons?"
—Thorn said to Blister, who was challenging her for the SandWing throne.

Queen Thorn is a female SandWing. She's been described as having one of the most "colorful vocabularies" of any dragon in both series and was the leader of the Outclaws before having recently been declared Queen of the SandWing tribe by means of being handed the Eye of Onyx by her daughter, Sunny. She wears a moonstone pendant on a copper chain necklace which has been given to her by the NightWing animusStonemover, who was her mate and Sunny's father. She wears the Eye of Onyx, which makes her queen.


She has sandy yellow scales, brown speckles along her wings and back, and is described as being small for her age, but wiry and lithe. She wears a gold bracelet of wires arranged into a pair of flying dragons on her upper forearm and a moonstone pendant on a copper chain necklace.

In the Brightest Night, she was described as, “Smaller than the others, and she wasn’t wearing more treasure than anybody else. A solitary gold bracelet circled one of her upper forearms a chain of flying dragons made from tied wires. Around her neck hung a simple copper chain with a moonstone pendant - an odd jewel to find in the desert, Sunny thought. Her scales were sandy yellow and dappled with a pattern of small brown speckled down her back and along her wings. She looked young - probably barely twenty years old, if Sunny had to guess." [1]



Before the events of The Dragonet Prophecy, Thorn met a nervous NightWing named Stonemover (when he was working on the tunnels that led from the Rain Kingdom to the SandWing Kingdom), an animus dragon, who she later fell in love with. Only two dragons (Armadillo and Six-Claws) knew her secret. Stonemover and Thorn had one egg, but Thorn didn't tell Stonemover, since he had changed, growing colder, (as an animus who used much of his power, a lot of his soul was gone, explaining his new attitude). Shortly before the egg was laid, Stonemover mysteriously vanished. She was then approached by a NightWing named Morrowseer, who told her that Stonemover's fate was her fault. This is what caused her hate against him. She had wanted his death for most of her years alive.

Thorn had buried Sunny's egg in the desert sands outside the Scorpion Den to keep it safe from the NightWings in case any of them found out. When going for errands, she put Dune in charge of keeping her egg safe. When she returned, she found it, and Dune gone, realizing he stole it. She was enraged, putting a bounty on his head, as well as Morrowseer's and Stonemover's, in a desperate search for her missing egg, mate, and enemy. However, she had no luck for a long time.

Thorn later formed The Outclaws to bring order and protection to the Scorpion Den, and as leader of the Outclaws, she continued to look for her missing dragonet, Stonemover, Dune, and Morrowseer but with no luck.

The Brightest Night

Thorn is first seen when Fierceteeth, Strongwings, and Preyhunter arrive at the Scorpion Den with information on the whereabouts of the Dragonets of Destiny followed by Sunny. Thorn ignores what they have to say about the dragonets, and instead asks if they've seen Dune, Morrowseer, or Stonemover. When Preyhunter claims that Morrowseer is dead, and Thorn has a fit of rage and kills him with a quick stab of her tail, and then inquires about Morrowseer again.

Sunny then steps forward and confirms that Morrowseer is dead. Thorn asks about Stonemover, then dismisses Fierceteeth and Strongwings, but keeps Sunny inside and sends her into a back room, and another dragonet named Qibli follows her in protectively. She then finds out and informs Sunny that she is her mother, and plans a welcome party for her. However, before anything else can happen, reports of a dragonbite viper near an orphanage arrives and she has to leave. After a short nap, Sunny was kidnapped by Addax and brought to Burn's Stronghold. However, the "viper" was merely a distraction.

Thorn led The Outclaws in an assault on the stronghold and managed to get inside with the help of Peril. She had Smolder bring her to see the stuffed NightWing in Burn's collection, which, to her relief, wasn't Stonemover. Afterward, Smolder brought them to the library filled with notes, claiming that one of them was for Thorn. While she did find a note from Stonemover, Smolder locked her and Sunny inside to await Burn's return, for he was not taking any chances to be killed. Luckily, Sunny was able to burn through the doors without setting fire to the surrounding papers and they escaped.

Later, Thorn is one of the SandWings present when Burn, Blister, Blaze, and the dragon tribes meet at Burn's stronghold. After Burn is killed by a dragonbite viper, Sunny discovers the precious treasure, the Eye of Onyx, in the jaws of Queen Oasis' skeleton, and is faced with a choice between Blister and Blaze. She gives it to Thorn instead, and Thorn whispers to her that it's all very strange and that she hopes that Sunny will be around to help.

One month later, Thorn made her way with the dragonets to the Jade Mountain to visit Stonemover. Their meeting is described by Sunny as "awkward".

Moon Rising

Qibli briefly mentions Thorn a few times, consulting to himself, "What would Thorn think, and what would Thorn do?" He is also loyal to Thorn when Onyx questions Thorn's right to the throne.

Winter Turning

Qibli formerly introduces himself as Queen Thorn's advisor when the Jade Winglet is in Queen Glory's royal pavilion.

Later in Possibility, Qibli comments on Mayfly's garden and wanted to tell Thorn about the glass structure there.

Escaping Peril

While arguing over Darkstalker's scroll, Qibli argues that Queen Thorn should be given the scroll.

Talons of Power

She was mentioned in the epilogue when three oasis' exploded. Dragons growled about why their queen isn't protecting them.

Family Tree

Queen Thorn
Princess Sunny

Examples of Her "Colorful Vocabulary"

Some favorite insults of Queen Thorn are:

  • Moonlicking crocodiles
  • Frog-faced blob of camel spit
  • Fourth moons and fireballs
  • Pompous worm-faced snob-head camel turd
  • Bright Smashing Suns
  • Snails-for-brains
  • Teeth of the Viper
  • Talons and Tails
  • Camel farts
  • Blood red eggs and fireballs
  • Jerboa-head
  • Cowardly lizards
  • Moon's blasted crocodile spawn
  • By all the snakes
  • Moonlickers


"It's not my favorite part of the role, but if you want to lead dragons, you have to show them your claws sometimes, Beetle."

"Ssssay that again." -To Preyhunter

“Frog-faced blob of camel spit!” - Thorn's favorite insult

"Why do my enemies always have to die before I can kill them myself?"- After learning Dune and Morrowseer were both dead

"He didn't find you. He stole you. He knew where I'd hidden you for your own safety, and he betrayed me." - Thorn to Sunny about Dune.

"So fight me. I'm not afraid of you. I can win this throne in battle, if that's how you want to do it. Or are you only willing to fight weak and cowering dragons?" - Thorn to Blister about fighting for the throne.

"Sunny. You're my daughter." After meeting Sunny.

"Teeth of the viper, I cannot believe all my enemies have died before I could rip their heads off myself. Qibli give me those drawings."

"Yes, Sunny. It's because you're half NightWing."

"Pompous worm-faced snob-head camel turd." - Thorn to Sunny about Morrowseer.

"I'm right here, snails-for-brains!" - Thorn to Six-Claws

"Fourth moons and Fireballs."

"Blood-red eggs and fireballs! I'm going to flay that dragon alive!"

"Oh no! Moonlickers! Six-Claws, you idiot!"

"Act smart, stay alive, stick together- but don't be an idiot. Those are our basic rules."


  • Thorn was not from the original line of SandWing royalty.
  • According to Sunny, there was something about Thorn that made you want to follow her wherever she goes.
  • Thorn has Outclaws guarding the oasis because "In the desert, she who controls the water, controls them all".
  • Onyx seems to be plotting to take Thorn's throne.
  • Qibli seems to have a strong one-sided connection to her.
  • Qibli considers himself her adopted son, making Sunny his adopted sister.
  • Thorn's nickname for Sunny for when she was an egg was Beetle, as stated by her in The Brightest Night.
  • In The Brightest Night, she wanted the capture/whereabouts of
    • Morrowseer, for he was the one who mentioned she would never see Stonemover again
    • Stonemover, her mate
    • A SandWing hatched in the last 6 years with odd features (her daughter)
    • and Dune, because he stole Sunny from her as an egg.



  1. The Brightest Night, page 62

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