Queen Thorn's Stronghold, originally known as Burn's Stronghold during the War of SandWing Succession, was originally the SandWing Palace, but Burn began to use it as her military base during the war. Before that, it was known as, ironically, the SandWing Palace. As the SandWing queen is now Thorn, the stronghold was renamed to Queen Thorn's Stronghold. After she took it over, she knocked down the weirdling tower because it belonged to a darker time.


The stronghold was originally Queen Oasis' palace. When she was attacked and killed by three scavengers (who cut off her barb tail, as revealed by Smolder) known as Holler, Fluffy, and Flower, her three daughters began to argue about who would inherit the SandWing throne. Burn either (depending on the source of information) drove out Blister and Blaze and seized it for herself, or the other two sisters fled before Burn could kill them and take the throne for herself. She had added many things to the palace, including the mounted heads of decapitated prisoners and her "weirdling collection", in a large red sandstone tower that housed a variety of odd or mutilated creatures. She also ordered the building of the large walls surrounding the stronghold.


When Burn seized the palace, she added thick walls for extra defense, and stationed SandWing soldiers as guards. The foul stench from the decapitated dragon heads mounted on the outer walls discouraged enemies from attacking; it was also shown in Book 4 that Burn liked the decaying scent. The stronghold also contains a courtyard and a great hall decorated with statues from when it was the noble palace of the SandWings. A monument to Queen Oasis was built where she died, and Burn had the walls of the stronghold extended to surround it. After Burn died in the courtyard of her own stronghold and Thorn was announced queen, it can only be assumed that the palace is still in a similar state, but in the end of The Brightest Night it is said that the heads were removed by the observing dragons. In Darkness of Dragons it is revealed that Thorn added a white tent over the biggest oasis to remind her of the Outclaws old base. It is also revealed that there is an observatory, and that the heads were removed from the walls, and Burn's Weirdling Tower was taken down. Another thing is that there is an arena that Queen Thorn hosts Full Moon Festivals at, though it is used for royal challenges, and there is a place for The Eye of Onyx to sit until it chooses the next queen.


  • Tui states in her blog that the stronghold was based off of her impressions of Amber Fort in Jaipur, India.
  • The Sand Kingdom, mentioned by Sunny, has the largest territory compared to the other tribes.
  • The purple-and-gray wing in Burn's collection belongs to a Pantalan dragon.
  • Tui remarks on how the walls that Burn erected wouldn't stop any dragon from flying over them, and that they were instead meant to keep out scavengers like the ones that killed her mother.[1]
  • Burn's weirdling tower was based on a Ripley's Believe It or Not Odditorium in Hollywood. [2]

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