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"Really? She's keeping it, then?"
—Quicksand in Deserter, about Blaze.

Quicksand was a male SandWing who appears in Deserter. He was the head chef of Queen Oasis's kitchen and was portrayed as an extremely loyal and considerate dragon. He and Ostrich, Six-Claws' mother, were partners and married. He sadly died of the same disease as King Char, which swept through the palace of the Kingdom of Sand a couple years before the death of Queen Oasis.

Biography Edit

Darkness of Dragons Edit

Palm thinks about him for a moment when she flees from the palace. At first, she has a hallucination, thinking to herself how Quicksand will be disappointed in her for leaving dates out in the sun for too long, but she quickly shakes it off, remembering that Quicksand has been dead for years.

Family Tree Edit

Two Unnamed

Trivia Edit

  • Quicksand is loose, wet sand that yields easily to pressure and sucks in anything resting on or falling into it.
  • Quicksand is the second known SandWing to die from the mysterious disease that swept into the SandWing Kingdom which occurred before the death of Queen Oasis, the first being King Char.

Gallery Edit

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