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Rain Kingdom Map

The Rainforest Kingdom on the map of Pyrrhia

The Rainforest Kingdom is home to both the RainWings and the NightWings, and covers most of south-eastern Pyrrhia.


The Rainforest covers the "rear legs" of the "dragon", or the southeast part of the continent of Pyrrhia. To the north is the Mud Kingdom, the Kingdom of Sand borders the Rainforest Kingdom at the Northwest, and the Kingdom of the Sea borders it to the east. South of the Rainforest Kingdom is the vast, unknown ocean.

Most of the other dragon tribes stay out of the rainforest, and it has been unharmed by the war so it is still very beautiful. Recently, MudWings have been wary around that area because of a "Monster" (Howler monkeys in The Hidden Kingdom) but the problem should be resolved shortly. Because they aren't involved in the war, the rainforest has not been a target for any of the rival queens or royal families (Queen Scarlet, Queen Ruby, Queen Coral, Queen Moorhen, Queen Glacier, Blister, Blaze, Burn).

RainWing Village

There is a large village that houses, from the information provided in the entire Wings of Fire series, all of the RainWings in the kingdom. The tops of the houses are made of leaves, making it harder to see the houses while flying and looking down. The villages are made up of tree houses with vine walkways connecting them. At the center of the village is a structure called an Arboretum (which resembles a version of the SkyWing Arena), which is a huge platform made from woven branches and surrounded by more treehouses, some of which have been set up as fruit stands. The village has three hatcheries, and each hatchery holds a third of the village's eggs. Each hatchery has a tightly woven floor and is shaped like a large green egg. The RainWings mix their eggs together and raise them as a village, making it unknown who's related to who unless they do a venom test.

There is a large tree house that houses the queen, who until The Hidden Kingdom shifts turns with other queens each month. There is also a Royal Garden which Tamarin, one of the royal gardeners, takes care of.

The RainWings needed an alternative method of transportation rather than flying, so they invented tree gliding, which Jambu teaches. They swing with their prehensile tails and glide through the air. Tree gliding was one of the competitions for the throne between Magnificent and Glory.

Many platforms and hammocks are between trees for the RainWing's sun-time. The healer's hut, which is close to the sunning platforms, is descried to have red berries growing on the balcony, with skylights shining through its leafy roofs.

Sloths are very abundant in the rainforest kingdom, and are common pets. Tapirs, toucans, jaguars, monkeys, and various other creatures live in it.

The Night Village

This is the section of the rainforest where the NightWings live, since their volcano erupted and the NightWing Exodus occurred. It is the closest part to the NightWing Tunnels, and has thinner trees. The NightWings have built huts out of leaves and twigs. The RainWings offered to help, but the NightWings, wanting to keep any dignity they had left, refused the offer. So the NightWing huts aren't built very well, and tend to leak and collapse on a frequent basis.


Queens  Present: Queen GloryEx-Queen DazzlingEx-Queen ExquisiteEx-Queen Fruit BatEx-Queen GrandeurEx-Queen MagnificentEx-Queen Splendor

 Historical: Queen Anaconda

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Society  The RainWing Royal Challenge

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