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Reed the mudwing by wolvesofthebeyond0-d5u0lp1






Queen Moorhen/MudWings/Talons of Peace (possibly)




Cattail (mother), Asha (aunt), Crane, Pheasant, Clay, Sora, Umber, Marsh (siblings)

Book Appearances:

The Dragonet Prophecy, The Dark Secret, The Brightest Night

Reed is a MudWing and one of Clay's younger brothers, being the second eldest of all seven of Cattail's children. He is a character featured in the first book and the prologue of the fourth with his siblings. After his first battle, he claimed "he wasn't the bigwings he wanted to be". His siblings, however, disagreed. He seemingly tries hard to protect his brothers and sisters, but has become uncertain of himself after learning Clay was alive.



Reed hatched along with Sora, Pheasant, Umber, Crane and Marsh. Clay had been sold to the Talons of Peace in exchange for two or more cows which the MudWings had already fed themselves on long ago, which left Reed compelled to take over for the bigwings of the group in which he is the leader despite not being the largest or strongest. Over time, the others grew to respect him.

The Dragonet Prophecy

When Clay returned, Reed and the other siblings, began to tell him about the MudWing traditions, and helped him make peace with himself. The others, Reed included, wanted Clay to stay, but Clay decided that Reed would be a better bigwings than he would, therefore he left with Glory after making peace with his siblings and himself.

The Dark Secret

After meeting Clay, Reed is left wondering whether the older dragonet could have done a better job protecting the sibs. He starts to believe that Clay could have saved Crane, and that the other sibs would prefer him instead. His lack of belief in himself makes him worried and sometimes distracted.

In The Dark Secret, he and his siblings participated in a battle against the IceWings. They then debate joining the Talons of Peace.


"Before the war takes anyone else I care about. Before our village is destroyed; before I have to choose between loyalty to my tribe and the safety of my brothers and sisters. Before we have to kill anyone else." (Thinking of Clay fulfilling the prophecy along with the other dragonets of destiny and bringing eternal peace to the world.)

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