Royal Challenges are the ways that dragons decide who the next queen of the tribe will be, involving a challenge from a sister, daughter, niece or granddaughter, then a fight to the death between the current queen and the challenger. Only three royal Challenges have been witnessed in the series, in Escaping Peril, where Tourmaline/Ruby challenged Queen Scarlet for the Throne officially, in The Hidden Kingdom, where Glory challenges the current RainWing Queens, and in Darkness of Dragons, when Onyx challenged Queen Thorn for the throne. It was also mentioned in The Lost Heir that Orca challenged Queen Coral, but was unsuccessful. At least in two of the tribes, challenges appear to be a public event, allowing other dragons to spectate the match while the challenger fights the queen for the throne. These two tribes include the SkyWings and RainWings.

It is unknown how exactly the IceWings, MudWings, SeaWings and NightWings go through their challenges and what the specific rules are, but they are most likely quite similar to how the other tribes do them. The SandWings have the Eye of Onyx given to them after they battle the queen and will kill the opposing contestant if she tries to take it and does not deserve it. The MudWing queen will never be challenged by her own sister because of sibling loyalty, and instead is challenged by daughters/nieces/granddaughters, etc.


RainWings, unlike most other Tribes, turned their royal challenge into a game of some sorts. They used to fight for the throne like every other tribe, however, they changed it so that it would fit in with their peaceful philosophy. Instead of a fight, the queen being challenged chooses a competition that shows how well RainWings can use their natural talents, such as a venom shooting contest, a camouflage, as well as a few others. A RainWing royal challenge was witnessed in The Hidden Kingdom between Glory and the five now-previous queens, Magnificent, Grandeur, Fruit Bat, Dazzling, and Exquisite. Splendor was being captive by the NightWings, so the RainWings simply skipped her turn.


  • Only a daughter, granddaughter, aunt, sister, or niece of the current queen can challenge for the throne. Sisters-in-law and cousins cannot try for the throne.
  • The fight must end in the death of the current queen in order for the princess to become queen.
    • It is unknown if this rule has stayed, but according to Ruby's law in Escaping Peril, a SkyWing queen that abandons her throne leaves it forever.
  • Male dragons (Such as sons, brothers, uncles, and nephews of the queen) cannot challenge for the throne, nor do they seem to have much power over decisions in the kingdom.
  • As shown in Escaping Peril, the queen is permitted to change any challenge rules, at least for SkyWings.
  • As shown in Escaping Peril and 'The Hidden Kingdom the current queen chooses the location of the battle

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