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Sepia is a MudWing dragonet of unknown gender attending Jade Mountain Academy as a member of the Silver Winglet. Sepia was in the music room when the Jade Winglet and Silver Winglet were sharing their turn. They danced along with Anemone, Turtle, Kinkajou, and Boto to Qibli's drumming. Sepia was later shown tramping down the mountain side with Newt to find somewhere cool and muddy to lay down. It is believed that they are siblings. It appears that they are a kind dragon.


  • The term "Sepia" is a reddish-brown color. It is also used as a tint or filter to images and/or videos. 
  • They are the second MudWing of an unknown gender attending Jade Mountain Academy besides Newt. 


Queens  Present: Queen Moorhen

 Historical: Queen Crane

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Other Dragons  AshaCattailCraneCrocodileMayflyOchrePheasantReedSwamp
Kingdom  Diamond Spray DeltaDiamond Spray RiverQueen Moorhen's Palace
Society  Bigwings

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