Sirocco is a male SandWing mentioned in Moon Rising. He is one of Qibli's older siblings, the other being Rattlesnake who often helped to bully and torment Qibli before he joined the Outclaws. Qibli sometimes thinks or dreams about Sirocco and Rattlesnake doing cruel things to him, such as when they threatened him with their barbed tails in exchange for a talonful of date palms. In Moon's vision and in Escaping Peril they are described as huge, bulky dragons wearing a medallion with a type of bird etched on it. Sirocco and Rattlesnake seem to be working for or with someone, possibly Onyx, or the Enclave.

Biography Edit

Moon Rising Edit

Moonwatcher has a vision about Qibli fighting Rattlesnake and Sirocco, with an older male dragon glowering at him as well, shouting "Where is she?"

Winter Turning Edit

Qibli compares Rattlesnake to Icicle, telling Winter that he also has a sinister older sister.


  • A sirocco is a hot, dry wind that blows across the Mediterranean Sea- similar to a qibli.
  • Sirocco and Rattlesnake may appear and play a major role in Darkness of Dragons.
  • Sirocco or Rattlesnake may bear a striking resemblance to their brother.
  • Sirocco and Rattlesnake may be working for Onyx.
  • Sirocco and Rattlesnake may have been the two SandWings arguing about the Dragonflame Cactus plants in Possibility in Escaping Peril, but this is still unconfirmed.
  • It is also theorized that Sirocco and Rattlesnake are the ones going around and bombing the oasis towns, mentioned at the end of Talons of Power.
  • It is comfirmed by Tui that Sirocco is Male.

Gallery Edit

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