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This article contains plot details about the recently released book, Darkness of Dragons. It would be best if you did not view this page until after reading the new installment.

Slasher is a cat with orange fur that appears briefly in Qibli's flashback in Darkness of Dragons. It is the pet of a female SandWing living in the Scorpion Den. Slasher appears to be not well trained and behaved, like Flower, but instead acts as a living and very violent betting tool.

Biography Edit

Darkness of Dragons Edit

Slasher the cat is seen cornering a spiny mouse as a group of dragonets watch, betting on how long it will last. Just before Slasher grabs the mouse, Qibli saves it by dumping a bucket full of sand right on top of Slasher as the cat lets out a yowl of fury. Slasher's owner then surges forward, roaring as she digs her pet out. Just as the mouse escapes, Slasher bursts out, hissing and spitting angrily.

Trivia Edit

  • Slasher is proof that dragons keep animals, such as cats, as pets, and that cats exist in Pyrrhia.
  • Qibli also notes that Slasher may be the pet of someone important, because it has not been eaten yet.

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