Slasher is a cat with orange fur that appears briefly in Qibli's flashback in Darkness of Dragons. It is the pet of a female SandWing living in the Scorpion Den. Slasher appears to be not well trained and behaved, like Flower, but instead acts as a living and very violent betting tool.

Biography Edit

Darkness of Dragons Edit

In a flashback, Slasher is seen cornering a spiny mouse as a group of dragonets watch, betting on how long it will last. The winner would get five coconuts as a prize. Just before Slasher grabs the mouse, Qibli saves it by dumping a bucket full of sand right on top of Slasher as the cat lets out a yowl of fury. Slasher's owner then surges forward, roaring as she digs her pet out. Just as the mouse escapes, Slasher bursts out, hissing and spitting angrily.

Trivia Edit

  • Slasher is proof that dragons keep animals, such as cats, as pets, and that cats exist in Pyrrhia.
  • Qibli also notes that Slasher may be the pet of someone important, because it has not been eaten yet.