"I've been asking for years to kill someone."
—Slaughter, wanting to be an assassin.

Slaughter was a male NightWing guard and the cousin to Vengeance. He was killed by Deathbringer as part of a deal that would let Deathbringer leave the Night Kingdom with his mother.

Assassin Edit

Quickstrike made a deal with Princess Greatness and Morrowseer; if her son Deathbringer could kill Slaughter or Vengeance, he could go to the continent with her.

Deathbringer decided immediately to kill Slaughter, because killing Vengeance was too risky as he was surrounded by witnesses. While Slaughter was sleeping, Deathbringer crept up on him and prepared to kill him. However, Morrowseer woke him up and immediately warned Slaughter of the incoming assassination attempt. Deathbringer still managed to sneak up and kill Slaughter when Morrowseer wasn't looking.

Slaughter's murder most likely caused the rivalry between Deathbringer and Vengeance shown in The Dark Secret. Morrowseer once suggested Quickstrike to train Slaughter or Vengence instead of Deathbringer.

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