Snapper was a female SeaWing and a former guard of the royal eggs, who was mentioned in Talons of Power. She was Abalone's deputy chief.

Talons of PowerEdit

In the prologue, King Gill sends Prince Turtle to find Snapper as quickly as possible and tell her to guard the eggs. Turtle fails to find Snapper, and all the female eggs die as a result of this. Queen Coral then has Snapper and Abalone executed.

In Chapter One, Turtle mentions Snapper in his thoughts, remembering how he had failed to find her.

Turtle also mentions that the day after his failure, the enchanted coral that was used to find lost things dragged him along until it found and bumped itself against Snapper's corpse.

It was revealed by Queen Coral near the end of Talons of Power that when Turtle was searching for her, she was at the Summer Palace, not at the Deep Palace like she was supposed to be. Because of that, it was not mainly Turtle's fault that he could not find her, and she was given an extra painful death due to disobedience.

Trivia Edit

  • A snapper is a marine fish that is typically reddish and is valued as food.
  • Snapper is the third mentioned dragon that Queen Coral has sentenced to death, due to their 'incompetence' at protecting her eggs.

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