"See? I can change my entire self. Now I'm a full SkyWing."
—Chameleon, using the form of Soar

Soar is a 'mask', a male SkyWing, and one of the four known forms Chameleon can become. When Scarlet caught him shape shifting, she gave him the choice to either tell her how he did it, or work for her in exchange for treasure. He chose the second option, afraid that if he revealed the scroll he used, she would take it from him. He is the "father" of Peril, and his former mate was Kestrel. Since Chameleon was in the form of Soar when he had Peril with Kestrel, Peril is a full SkyWing, and not any part RainWing.

Appearance Edit

Soar is described as big[1] with amber eyes[2], warm orange scales[2], and huge powerful orange wings[3]. He doesn't bear any scars, which is observed by Peril to be unusual for a dragon under Scarlet's reign (his forms, when switched, lose their injuries). He is said to be strong-looking, and has a deeper, stronger voice than Chameleon. He has long horns with golden markings. He is adorned with gold rings on three of his claws, a black necklace with gold spikes, and a snake-like armband with rubies where the snake's eyes would be. He also has a black metal sheath fitted across his chest with a padlock, which was revealed to hold Darkstalker's Talisman.

Relationships Edit

Peril Edit

Though Peril is his daughter, it is unknown if Soar actually holds any affection for her. Though Soar offered to take away Peril's firescales, he appeared to have only done this on Scarlet's orders. However, when he ran away, he asked Peril to come with him.

Ex-Queen Scarlet Edit

Soar, as Chameleon (and various other forms), worked as Ex-Queen Scarlet's minion. He doesn't particularly like her, only the fact that she pays him well.

Kestrel Edit

Kestrel was Soar's mate, and together, they had one egg that contained two dragonets, one of which died. He claimed he was not around when Kestrel tried to escape with their dragonets, and had thought that Peril was dead. It is implied that Soar used his position under Scarlet to arrange for Kestrel to be his mate without her knowing.

Family Tree Edit

Peril's Brother

Quotes Edit

"I doubt Scarlet would find this useful, but among other things, it appears that I can father dragonets with firescales."

"See? I can change my entire self. Now I'm a full SkyWing." - showing Peril his tribe-changing abilities

"Oh, good grief. Have other dragons been thinking my name is Sore all these years?"

"It's a long story. But the short answer is - for being myself." - explaining why he was kicked out of the RainWing tribe

"Well, to be fair, that's what she wanted, but that's also what you wanted, isn't it? So does that really count as a betrayal? I mean, now everyone's happy. So... yay, me?" - When Peril accused him of betrayal when he brought her to Ex-Queen Scarlet

Gallery Edit

References Edit

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