Starflight's daughter was a small, black, NightWing dragonet featured at the end of Moon Rising, when Moonwatcher received a vision of a peaceful, possible future from Darkstalker. Her father is Starflight and her mother is most likely Fatespeaker. Some believe Sunny is the mother, but Fatespeaker is more likely because Sunny would make her look part SandWing and Starspeaker is more likely as well.

History Edit

There is another high possibility that Starflight and Fatespeaker had eggs, in which case, their dragonet is a purebred NightWing. It is unlikely it is Sunny's daughter mainly because Sunny has a confirmed SandWing mate.

Moon Rising Edit

The dragonet was shown in the library at Jade Mountain Academy in Moon's vision of a good possible future given to her by Darkstalker. She came to the library, selected a scroll from the library, kissed Starflight on the cheek, then flew down the hall, despite Starflight calling after her, telling her to not fly in the halls.

Family TreeEdit

Starflight's Daughter
(Possible Future)


"Thank you, father." To Starflight during Moonwatcher's/Darkstalker's vision in Moon Rising.

Gallery Edit

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