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This article contains plot details about the recently released book, Talons of Power. It would be best if you did not view this page until after reading the new installment.

"It's too late. For my soul, I mean."
—Stonemover in The Brightest Night, to Sunny

Stonemover is a dark gray and black NightWing animus with dark black eyes and glossy scales half-coated in stone. He is also known as 'the dragon of Jade Mountain'. He is the father of Sunny and the mate of Queen Thorn, and he ended up turning his animus powers against itself so that his scales would slowly turn to stone rather than lose his soul.


In The Brightest Night, Thorn said that he "was the color of the desert sky at night" [1] Stonemover has been described as gray and black, with glossy scales. He was "bigger than Thorn, but no enormous, nowhere near the size of Morrowseer or Burn. Deep lines were etched into his face, so he looked as if he were in pain even in his sleep."[2]

His eyes are dark and black. Parts of him, such as his back legs, shoulders, and the edges of his wings, look heavier and thicker than regular dragon scales. The scales on a part of his tail and most likely the rest of the mostly-stone areas on him resemble dark pebbles, “The black scales looked like dark pebbles here, sinking into the skin beneath.” making his appearance like a statue or apart of the stone around him. [3]



After the first eruption of the NightWing's volcano, Stonemover was sent to Pyrrhia in order to create a series of portals to allow the NightWings into the Rainforest Kingdom, and the Kingdom of Sand(later used by the dragonets of destiny to meet Blaze, the youngest of the sisters of the SandWing succession). It was here where he met a young SandWing named Thorn. The two met in secrecy while Stonemover gathered the magic needed to create the portals, and over time they fell in love. However, Stonemover's animus curse began to take effect, and he left Thorn without her noticing. This prevented him from learning that they'd conceived a single egg, which turned out to be Sunny's egg.

He made his way to the Jade Mountain, and managed to turn his magic against itself. This way, instead of losing his soul to insanity, his body would gradually turn to stone. He tried sending a message to Thorn to tell her how to find him, but the message was intercepted by Burn's army.

The Dragonet Prophecy

Although Stonemover didn't formally appear, Kestrel told the dragonets and Peril that, if they ever needed her help, there was a dragon in the Jade Mountain who could help locate her. This means Stonemover has had some contact with the Talons of Peace somehow or can use something animus-touched to locate them.

The Brightest Night

During the assault on Burn's stronghold, Sunny and Thorn discovered the message Stonemover had sent with his location. However, she was still mad at him for leaving, and refused to seek him out. Instead, Sunny traveled to Jade Mountain to ask her father for help. He was at first amazed to learn he had a daughter, but quickly became somber after hearing Sunny's plan to end the war and find the Eye of Onyx. He also confirmed that the Dragonet Prophecy was written by Morrowseer and explained that no NightWing has had powers in over a century.

One month after Thorn was crowned Queen of the SandWings, she finally came to the Jade Mountain and reunited with Stonemover.

Moon Rising

When Moon, Sora, and Kinkajou were first visiting the Jade Mountain library, Kinkajou exclaimed that she heard of a ghost who lived in the academy. But Starflight said that the ghost was really Stonemover, who would enjoy a polite conversation, which Kinkajou thought sounded boring. When Moon heard of this, she highly expected him at first as being the voice in her head, which she later found out was wrong. She later visited and asked him about NightWing powers, but all Stonemover said was that they were gone and that they'd ruin your life.

Escaping Peril

Sunny briefly mentions him when she, Clay, Peril, Turtle, and Queen Ruby are talking about who Ex-Queen Scarlet's animus might be.

Talons of Power

Stonemover is mentioned by Flame, who says that the animus refused to heal the scar on his face, left by Viper. However, after Darkstalker healed it for him, Flame tries and almost succeeds in killing Stonemover. Stonemover is saved by Darkstalker, who enchanted a stalactite to heal him and turned him back to a normal dragon. However, Stonemover started complaining that these weren't his talons (perhaps referencing that Darkstalker was taking control of him) and that his talons were monsters that should never be set free. Darkstalker then turns him back. Stonemover is later shown at the end of the book with Darkstalker, Turtle, and Anemone, all of the animuses in Pyrrhia. Darkstalker asks him how many dragons were in that room, since Turtle was hidden, and Stonemover replies "Four".


Queen Thorn described him as "His scales were like the desert sky at night and he was always nervous, in a sweet, worried way, like no other dragon I'd ever met...He wasn't pretending to be scarier and meaner than he really was. He was just himself. And he was very smart... He really, really cared about saving his tribe". When Sunny met him "She wanted to poke him in the nose. She honestly had no idea how her mother had ever liked this dragon". When Moon saw met him in the caves she remarked "He doesn't have much to say for a dragon who supposedly longs for company". and "He sighs a lot".

Family Tree

Queen Thorn
Princess Sunny


  • He enchanted a fox named Dinner so that it would bring him food every few days so he doesn't die.
  • Strongwings thinks that Stonemover did something to the Obsidian Mirror before he disappeared.
  • Tui T. Sutherland may do a Winglet about him.
  • He suspects he is dying as stated in The Brightest Night. This could just be over-dramatizing his situation.
  • He has been described by multiple dragons as a dragon who sighs a lot.
  • Sunny has stated a few times that she wanted to poke Stonemover with something in the nose to get him to stop sighing so much.
  • He is descended from Whiteout.
    • This would make him also distantly related to Darkstalker.
    • He is distantly related to the IceWing royal family.


"I'm always dying"

"It's too late. For my soul, I mean."

"Hungry again, nothing I can do about that." - Thought when Moonwatcher was about to visit him.

"These are not my talons." -When Darkstalker takes away his enchantment.


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