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SandWings, NightWings


The Dragonets of Destiny, Talons of Peace


Alive (6 years old)


Queen Thorn (mother), Stonemover (father)

Book Appearances:

The Dragonet Prophecy, The Lost Heir, The Hidden Kingdom, The Dark Secret, The Brightest Night

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Sunny is a half SandWing, half-NightWing Dragonet of Destiny. As she is the last hatched, she is prospected as a little sister to all the rest of the dragonets, although Starflight once had romantic affections towards her. She claims to say that no one thinks seriously of her, which occasionally annoys her. She is the main protagonist of The Brightest NightViper was her intended replacement, though the false SandWing dragonet was killed in lava, when she accidentally fell off the edge of a cliff.


Sunny lacks a poisonous tail, an unique, powerful, and very important weapon of the her tribe. She also has moss-green eyes and tawny golden scales, unlike other SandWings (who usually have scales of a paler color and eyes as black as obsidian). This is because her father was a NightWing, and thus she is a hybrid. Even so, she radiates heat from her scales and has the instincts of her tribe, such as a dislike of water, as shown in The Lost Heir, and she enjoyed the sunlight from Burn's Stronghold during the second part of The Hidden Kingdom.


The Dragonet Prophecy

Sunny was brought as an egg to the cave by Dune, the SandWing guardian and a former member of the Talons of Peace. Dune found her egg alone and hidden by the sand, hence the line from the prophecy "And hidden alone from the rival queens, the SandWing egg awaits unseen". Upon hatching, she was revealed to have neither a venomous barb on her tail nor pale scales like the desert sand (instead she is a golden color) as a normal SandWing should have, leading to the assumption she was taken from the sand earlier than the right time. During her captivity by the Guardians, Kestrel, Webs, and Dune, she was the only one content with her life. She was also subject to exclusion because, by accident, she ruined a plan to look out at the world using a pile of rocks. Later on, Morrowseer, the deliverer of the prophecy, came to the cave. Upon attacking Tsunami, she lashed out to defend her. When Glory was deemed an unsuitable substitute for the SkyWing egg, she was the most unsure of the situation. Eventually, Clay left to save them, and she aided in freeing Tsunami, who had been chained as part of the plot to kill Glory. However, due to Clay and Tsunami's actions, they were all captured by Queen Scarlet

During their captivity in the Sky Kingdom, Sunny was kept separate in a birdcage that was hung over the feasting hall. When Peril told Clay where Sunny was, she said she was just fine and was eating like a queen. She was also making friends with all the SkyWing guards. Sunny was intended as a plaything for Burn, because of her oddities. She was subject to Clay befriending Peril, due to her isolation, and was not present during any of the fights, only to reappear after Peril burned through the bars of her cage. She was thrown off by Tsunami and Glory's trick to get Clay to apologize for what he'd said, wondering why they would do "such a nasty ugly thing." Sunny eventually traveled with them towards the Mud Kingdom in the search for Clay's parents, and also left with the group to find Tsunami's mother, Queen Coral.

The Lost Heir

Sunny was with the other dragonets while searching for Queen Coral. She was the first to hear the wingbeats of a passing SkyWing patrol and followed Starflight into the trees. When Tsunami attacked a SkyWing soldier, fearing he'd seen Sunny's tail, Sunny was upset and horrified at what the SeaWing dragonet had done. They spent the night in a cave, and the next morning when they were headed to the Summer Palace, Sunny and Clay were the only ones blindfolded. Clay didn't mind, while Sunny hated it. At the palace, she was kept prisoner along with the other Dragonets (excluding Tsunami).

After the palace flooded and Tsunami arrived with Auklet's egg, she asked Sunny to keep it warm, which she did. When they first met Blister, Sunny was there, but Sunny didn't like her. After Tsunami revealed that Kestrel was dead, Sunny was distraught and extremely upset, but happy that at least Webs was still alive. She was also unhappy about Whirlpool's possible accidental death at Anemone's hands.

The Hidden Kingdom

Sunny traveled with the other Dragonets of Destiny and Webs through the swamps of the Mud Kingdom. She was the first to disappear when the RainWings shot the dragonets with knockout darts, and was found soon after by Glory and Starflight, trapped and asleep in a net with Clay, Tsunami and Webs. Later on, she was shown to be very fond of Silver (Glory's pet sloth), who seemed to like her equally.

When the dragonets went to the Kingdom of Sand via the NightWing wormhole, Sunny seemed to be right at home. After Blaze came to meet the dragonets, she remarked that she thought Sunny would be 'prettier'; Sunny asked her how to heal a SandWing's poison, and Blaze carelessly told her about the healing cactus juice. When the assassin Deathbringer came and threw his ninja disks at Blaze (Most likely shurikens), Sunny ended up with her blood all over her. Once the dragonets got back to the wormhole, Sunny went to retrieve a cactus arm for Webs but had trouble breaking one off due to her size; Glory remarked that it looked like she was 'trying to tango with a cactus'. Sunny did not participate in Glory's rescue, but watched the queen competition with Tsunami.

The Dark Secret

Sunny was a very major character due to Starflight thinking about her throughout the book, and  he finally told her he loved her. For once, she was quite hard to read.  She said she loved Starflight back, but it is unknown whether this statement was meant in a romantic way. She told Starflight to kick some NightWings, and free the captive RainWings. Sunny also became close friends with Fatespeaker

Around the end of The Dark Secret when the volcano was about to erupt, Morrowseer was the last one to show up at the portal to the Rainforest Kingdom, and told the dragonets that the prophecy was a fraud. Sunny at first forced herself not to believe him, because she believed that it truly was her and her friends' destiny to stop the war. When she realized he was telling the truth, she furiously ran back through the portal. Morrowseer tried to follow her, but Starflight, Fatespeaker, and the other dragonets prevented him from going through. At the end of the book, Starflight thought he felt her scales pressing against his before he was hit by a sleeping dart.

The Brightest Night

Coming soon


Sunny, as her name implies, has a very bright, optimistic personality, and always sees the positive side of everyone and everything, although that sometimes makes her seem unintelligent. She puts much faith in fate, signs and omens. She was was content with her lot in life and was the only dragonet that was convinced their guardians were doing the right thing, and had no desire to escape. Sunny had no fear to defend her friends, as she attacked Morrowseer when he tried to measure up Tsunami's worth, and pounced on Riptide when he tried to kill Clay. Even though she is small, she can attack with sheer ferocity. She also has a tendency to talk a lot, and even though she means well, the other dragonets know better than to tell her secrets until the time is right. She also appears to be somewhat of an omnivore. In the second book, it is shown that Sunny may have better hearing than most dragons, hearing wingbeats long before anyone else did, which is a SandWing trait. Sunny also values peace. In The Hidden Kingdom, Sunny had mentioned that she liked the "RainWing way". She is also shown to be annoyed and frustrated by how everyone thinks she's just a sweet little dragonet and not much else, and is willing to put her life in danger to prove it.



Sunny is one of the only dragonets who doesn't mind Starflight's lectures, whereas the others are usually annoyed by them. In The Dark Secret, Starflight confessed his love for Sunny, but Sunny doesn't love him that way. Eventually they decide to stay friends.


Towards the end of The Dark Secret, when Starflight and Fatespeaker brought Flame to the rainforest, Sunny approached the NightWing and told her she liked the bracelet-like pattern of silver scales on her foreleg. Fatespeaker responded that she was about to say she liked the way Sunny looked, and that all the SandWings she'd met were 'sort of pale and dusty-looking'. They became good friends the first time they met. Sunny felt mild feelings of jealousy towards her, but then later encouraged Starflight to be with her.


Sunny has been shown to care about Clay. In The Hidden Kingdom, when Clay said that he had 'dibs on sleeping next to Sunny', she didn't have any other reaction than to beam at him. Sunny also respects the MudWing and sees him as the bigwings of the group. She also seems to rely on him to fix problems she can't solve on her own.


Sunny is often annoyed that Tsunami thinks of her as just as a silly and naive younger sister.


"I don't think everything is exciting, you guys just don't think enough things are exciting!"

"To be fair, the Talons were just keeping us safe."

"Even Sunny? What's that supposed to mean? I'm brave! I'm brave all the time!"

"Glory! You have a cute furry thing! Can I hold it, please, please?"

"Right. Here I go, la, la, la, Queen Oasis of the SandWings. I so very important and, uh - royal - and stuff."

"We're Dragons not caterpillars. We can do things differently if we choose to."


  • Sunny has a sharpened sense of hearing.
  • Sunny developed a fighting technique similar to pressure points, where she stabs her harmless tail into her opponent's back, causing her victim to stiffen.


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