Tapir was a male RainWing who was mentioned several times in The Hidden Kingdom. He died in NightWing captivity after intentionally starving himself to death, as he refused to eat the rotting, diseased animals the NightWings provided for the captured RainWings to eat. He was mentioned by Kinkajou once while talking to a captured and gagged Glory, once again while addressing the RainWing village about why Glory should be queen, and once by Mangrove, who referred to him as the oldest missing RainWing.


The Hidden KingdomEdit

Tapir was briefly mentioned when Glory asked Mangrove about the missing RainWings. Mangrove claimed that Tapir was the oldest of the missing dragons, roughly 110 years of age. Tapir's age shows RainWings can grow to be much older than dragons from other tribes, most likely because RainWings have no wars to die from.

While imprisoned by the NightWings, Glory was told by Kinkajou that the food the RainWings were brought was disgusting and rotten, and that Tapir eventually let himself starve to death to avoid having to eat carrion. Later, when defending Glory's decision to challenge Queen Magnificent, Kinkajou mentioned that Tapir, Bright, and Orangutan had already "died awful deaths, alone and far away from everything and everyone they loved." Most of the tribe still didn't believe her, but some, such as Tamarin, did.


  • A tapir is a large, herbivorous mammal, similar in shape to a pig, with a short, prehensile nose trunk.
  • Tapir was one of the oldest known dragons in the series with a confirmed age (besides Darkstalker and Foeslayer).
  • He was the oldest RainWing to be kidnapped by the NightWings.
  • Tapir was one of only a few dragons that have been known to have led a longer life. Tui T. Sutherland confirmed that dragons live to about 150 years of age before dying of natural causes.
  • Tapir is the second known dragon to have committed suicide, the first being Horizon.



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