The below is a glossary of some of the lexicon, slang, and colloquialisms used by the dragons of Pyrrhia:

  • Animus: A dragon with the magical capabilities of enchanting inanimate and living objects.
  • Aquatic: An underwater language used by the SeaWings to communicate without going to the surface.
  • Bigwings: The eldest of a group of MudWing siblings, also known as sibs; the bigwings is the leader of the group.
  • Camel Farts: A mild exclamation similar to dang it, darn it, etc. It is often used by Qibli, with similar expressions used by Thorn. It may be a SandWing thing.

ex- Camel farts! Why didn't that work?

  • Circle Rankings: Circle Ranks are used by the IceWings for ranking the obedience and skill of the tribe's
    Circle rankings
    population. Dragons who ignore the circles are frowned upon by the rest of the tribe and are considered outcasts.
  • Clawmates: Dragons who share a cave, usually in groups of two or three help each other with classes get to know each other, similar to the term "roommates" or "classmates".
  • Diamond Trial: A trial used by the IceWings. It is a competition between the seventh and first circle dragonets to determine who will be placed in which.
  • Dragonet: A baby dragon or a child/teen dragon
  • The Enclave : A type of organization or leader system used in Possibility.                        
  • Scavenger: Human, referred to as scavenger by all dragons. Used to be the dominant life form until the Scorching.
  • Scavenger Claw: Sword, dagger, or knife, often long, sharp and/or curved that belongs to a scavenger. A scavenger claw was used to kill Queen Oasis.
  • Scavenger Den: A human settlement such as a village, town, or small kingdom.
  • Scavenger Paw: The human hand.
  • Sibs: term for MudWing siblings
  • Skyfire: A mysterious black rock that fell out of the sky and blocks mind reading (found by Turtle and Onyx).
  • Sleephouse: A tall tower of mud that MudWing troops sleep in, present in the MudWing village at the Diamond Spray Delta.
  • Smoke-breather: An insult of sorts, usually used to describe a lazy or whiny dragon, most likely used by non-firebreathing tribes.
  • Squid-brain: An insult, calling someone stupid or unintelligent. It seems to be used primarily by SeaWings and is represented by three flashes of the face-stripes in Aquatic.

ex-Don't be a smoke-breather!

  • Three Moons: (and multiple variations thereof) Exclamation of surprise or exasperation, reference to the three moons of Pyrrhia. Similar to the expression “good grief”.

    The Three Moons

ex- Three moons, what is that?

  • Unsibs: term for MudWings who join a new group of MudWings when they lose too many of their sibs
  • Wing: A large group of dragons (more than seven).
  • Winglets: A smaller group of dragons (seven or less).

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