The Enclave may be an organization that seems to hold much influence in Possibility. They could be a sort of militia, police force, guard, or something more sinister. They keep their purposes well hidden, as nobody knows what they do. They may be terrorists or a form of good.

History Edit

Winter Turning Edit

When Hailstorm, Winter, and Qibli are in trouble with Eagle, Meerkat comes in and commands Eagle to back off, under the authority of the Enclave. Eagle retreats immediately from this command. This clues us in that the Enclave is a law enforcement not to be troubled with.

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Trivia Edit

  • An enclave is a place or group that is distinct from everything else around it.
  • It is thought that the Enclave is a group that protects Thorn, or is under Thorn's command, but it is also possible that they offer protection to Possibility and are against Thorn.

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